Vague Booking – Redux

I felt the need to revive this post I originally blogged back in February.  Also, I felt the need to add Twitter to the mix.  Twitter brings a whole new bag of tricks to social media.  Some which are awesomely funny, like parody accounts.  But some that are just plain cruel or stupid, like the fake twitter posts and pictures about Hurricane Sandy.  Don’t they realize that some people think that if it on the internet, it must be true?  *Shaking my head in disbelief and rolling my eyes*.  So, back to the post…..

Facebook.  A great place to keep in touch with family and friends, and share photos.

Lots of interesting status updates.   Some too revealing.  Some not revealing at all, that just yank your chain ….

I’m so sad.

Waiting at the ER.



I hate ____insert person, place or thing here_____.

Going to the doctor tomorrow.

Dear God:  Why me?????

These types of status updates are what I call “vague”booking.  Most chronic offenders are young drama queens.  Gives you just enough information to get you curious so that of course you will reply to their status.  “What’s wrong?  What’s up?  Can I help?”  Get everybody all riled up and not answer right away, letting people think the worst.  Then after the appropriate number of questions, they add just a bit more information to encourage MORE comments and invoke more sympathy etc.

Have I been guilty of this?  Sure, probably, hopefully not too often lately.  But once I recognized it in myself, I started recognizing it in others.  In the past I would be one of the first to inquire what was wrong.  Now, I just sigh and pass it on by.  I’m sure others will wrestle the info out sooner or later.  I know when my animals died last year that I took my anger and sorrow out publicly on Facebook, and that was wrong.  Nobody cares about your dog or cat dying.  (Well, some do, but they are special people like me).  And I really didn’t mean to make other people sad or try to make them feel MY pain.  Just wanted sympathy I guess.  (Now I just write blogs about it, lol).  And that’s ok.  I will give ANYBODY sympathy, but first they have to spit it out.  I am not going to play the guessing game anymore.  Please, just let me know what you want me to know.

Facebook can be a great way to let everybody know what is going on without having to run up cell phone minutes and get cauliflower ear.  It’s a great way to get the message out fast and widespread.  A perfect example of this was when my neighbor had a heart attack.  His wife calmly let everybody know what happened, and gave regular updates to keep us in the loop.  I appreciated her approach immensely, and hopefully she wasn’t inundated with tons of phone calls etc. to make/receive so she could concentrate on her hubby.  This was a perfect example of using Facebook as a social media at its best.

So to all you “vague”bookers out there, please, in the name of all that is holy, get it all out all at once, don’t make people beg you to find out what in the hell is wrong.  If people are your friends they want to know it all, right away, and you will get your sympathy, without pissing me and a lot of other people off in the meantime, lol.

Also, I hate what I call the “hit and runs”.  People who post a question, and then never return to respond to the tons of people who have taken the time to answer the question.  If you don’t have the time to check back, don’t ask the question in the first place.

And don’t even get me started on the underage drinking party pictures, naked pictures, sad sacks who only say negative things, happy people who are just a little toooooo happy all the time!!!!!!!!!!!! and other things.  Don’t people realize that prospective employers etc. check Facebook, besides your credit record, employment record, and driving record???  Do you really want your boss to see you drunk as shit on the weekends?  Do you really want them to see you swearing like a truck driver, or the fact that, shortcut language aside, you cannot spell?   Do you really want your parents to see naked pictures of you?  Or tonguing/kissing/mauling your girlfriend/boyfriend? Or a new picture of yourself, taken by yourself, every 5 minutes?   Things that you think are cool now, are not.

Facebook is NOT private, I don’t care how many privacy settings you have.  ANYTHING you put on the internet is fair game.  It is there FOREVER.  So even though the younger generation is more tech savvy than us old folks, they sure are naive about a lot of things.  Trust me, I know this firsthand.  And even if your Facebook IS set to private, one of your friends who you think is your friend is NOT your friend and will sell you out to the highest bidder.

Disclaimer:  None of my friends on Facebook are guilty of any of the above actions.  I have only heard and read about these kinds of things happening to other people.

Do you believe in climate change NOW?

We always thought it was gonna be California falling into the ocean after the big quake hit.  Instead it is the EAST coast that is disappearing into the ocean.

Say hello to my little friend, Sandy….

I feel so bad for all the East coast people.  Hell, the effects are being felt all the way to Chicago!  Huge storm.  Can’t imagine the billions of dollars in damages coming our way.

Don’t believe in climate change?  This is all normal?  Really?  Excuse me if I disagree.  Everyone has been making fun of Al Gore for years with his Global Warming.

If you think Global Warming is simply about it getting hotter out and having to run your A/C a bit more, think again.  Tsunamis, earthquakes, tornadoes, heat waves, blizzards, drought, flooding, hurricanes…..getting more frequent and more severe.  THIS is our new normal.  The Mayans may not have been right, but maybe we are getting closer to something….

Is it time to build another ark?

When did I become a little bit Country? I thought I was a little bit Rock and Roll!!

They’re everywhere it seems.  Country singers.  Hot country singers.  With cool songs.  Crossover songs.  Songs on the radio.  And not just on the country channel.


I blame it on American Idol and Carrie Underwood and Kelly Pickler.  The Voice and Blake Shelton.  Dancing with the Stars and Julianna Hough.  Nashville TV show and Connie Britton and Hayden Pantiere (who knew?).  Even my main man Gavin DeGraw has a bit of a twang and some of his songs could qualify for country.  It’s everywhere.

Country music has gone mainstream.  It’s not all about pickup trucks with gun racks and I lost my wife and dog but I still got this here bottle of Jack Daniels.  This is not your father’s music.  Love is still a central theme, but it is with all genre of music.  And the twang has been toned down.  It’s still there.  It’s still recognizable.  But it is definitely not a Patsy Cline or Johnny Cash kind of country anymore.  It’s a Taylor Swift world!

Seems like there are a LOT of fresh young beautiful female country singers.  I think this is one occupation where women rule!  My first “country” CD was Shania Twain, and I am glad she is back on the radar after some tough personal issues.  But I do love the country men tho.  Some of them are hot hot hot. Luke Bryan, Chuck Wicks, Keith Urban.  You get my drift.  But NOT Scotty McCreepy.  He reminds me of a scary clown mashup of  Howdy Doody and Alfred E. Neuman.  You be the judge, lol.


The CMA’s are this week, and will draw millions of viewers.  There will be spectacular performances by great singers.  Country singers.  Beautiful singers.  They might not even be wearing a cowboy hat and boots.  But it’s ok with me if they do.  Ain’t it cool?

Who is YOUR favorite country singer?

Almost Famous – Update

Seriously, I always run across the most interesting people.  Almost famous people.  That makes me almost famous, by osmosis.  Right?

Last weekend I had the pleasure of checking one more item off my bucket list, and attending the Northwestern/Nebraska football game. And thanks to my almost famous friend Nancy, who has real famous family at NU, I got to watch the first half from a sky box.  The ultimate football thrill!  (And hey, aren’t all guys named Kain Culter born quarterbacks? Come on, that’s a built-in famous name!) lol

At half time, I went back to our tailgate area, which is infamous, if not almost famous.  I swear they feed the whole city of Evanston!  I got myself a fresh bottle of water, and noticed two very familiar looking guys hanging around the tent…..

Wow, well of course they started up a conversation with me, cause I naturally attract hot guys.  These guys were hotter than hot.  In fact, they were hotter than Phelps and Lochte, cause, well, they WEREN’T Phelps and Lochte.  They were BETTER.  Like I said before.  Almost famous.

Both of them were around 6’6″ and had awesome wing spans.  No seriously.  We measured.  Against a tree.

Of course I made them both show me their abs.  And they had no problem doing so, even tho they pretended to be a bit shy about it, especially Ryan.  I’m like, come on Ryan, you partied with the Prince, prolly nakey in the pool, give me some skin!  He had very impressive abs, as did the Micheal guy. The Michael Phelps guy was a true doppelganger.  Dead ringer.  The Ryan guy was a blonde, and probably taller than Lochte.  Much better looking than Lochte.  Oh and he was single.  Yum.  The Michael guy was married, but I’ve never been much of a Phelps fan, looks wise, anyway.

So then we discussed their exercise program.  Important with bods like theirs.  Mostly crossfit, with some of their own improv thrown in.  Important for that new “V” cut look.  You know what I’m talking about, right?  No longer can you have just six pack abs, you gotta have the V cut too.

So they showed me a hint of their V cuts, and I can tell you what kind of underwear they were wearing.  Or not.  Don’t cha just love a man who teases you with that little lift of the shirt?  Sigh.  Ya, me too.

Now, of course we spoke of other things other than their spectacular abs. I can’t remember what exactly, but I know it was other things.  Michael and I were trying to figure out why Ryan was still single and what we needed to do to get him a date.  Girls thought he was too nice.  I tried to thinks of ways to “dirty him up” a bit, but I just thought he was perfect, lol, and told him not to change his ways.

We hung around for most of the second half until their friends kept calling them to come back to their seats.  So, reluctantly, they left.  Ryan asked me if I would still be around the tent after the game, and I told him probably.  We hugged and said the usual goodbyes.  I was sad to see them go, it was FUN to flirt and hang with some nice handsome men!

After the game was over, which we lost by one point 😦  I kept my eyes peeled for them, but alas, my group wanted to leave right away, and we had to walk in the opposite directions from where they were.  So I never got to see them again.  Maybe it was meant to be that way.  Almost famous baby!

Or maybe not…..two clicks on Google and I found Ryan….not his real name of course.  But he did tell me his real name.  And where he worked.  And what he did.  Two clicks is all it took.  Email, phone number, etc.

Now, what shall I do with this information…..did he WANT to be found????  Or would it ruin what otherwise could stay as a fabulous fantasy in my mind?

UPDATE:  Yes, I emailed Ryan.  He was delighted.  I even shared this blog post with him, and he loved it.  We emailed back and forth a bit.

Jump to one year later.  I did not go to the Northwestern game, but Ryan and Michael were in the back of my mind.  My sister did go.  Imagine my surprise when I got a phone call, and it was Ryan and Michael!  They came to the tailgate area looking for me, and my sister recognized them.  So I got to chat with them on the phone.  Can you believe it?  It’s like Serendipity……

Top Ten Movies of 2012

I would say that I am quite the movie fan.  I am NOT a movie critic, just know what I like and don’t like.  I go at least once a week, sometimes more if they release a bunch of good ones over a holiday week.  I remember spending Christmas Day watching Avatar a few years back!

Sometimes it freaks me out when I go to my local theatre and realize I have seen every movie on the marquee (minus the obvious kiddie cartoon type).

I’ve seen a lot of good movies this year.  Slept through some.  Walked out on one.  Here are my Top Ten favs:

1.  The Hunger Games.  Read all the books, wasn’t sure how it would translate into a PG-13 movie without going into all the blood and guts realities.  After seeing the movie I was convinced that the books should not have been classified for “Young Adults”, and that they should have made an “R” rated movie.  But after I saw it the second time, I conceded to the brilliance of the movie.

2.  The Odd Life of Timothy Green.  Yeah, I know.  Weird choice.  But it moved me.  Had a great story line.  Made me cry.


3.  The Avengers.  Mainly because of my Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr.  The dude rocks it, big time.  Plenty of eye candy in this movie.

4.  Bourne Legacy.  Jeremy Renner fan.  That is all it needed.

5.  Snow White & the Huntsman.  The Queen demanding “Bring me her heart!”  One of my fav scenes ever.

6.  Prometheus.  Again Charlize Theron was highlight of movie.  Programmed her own abortion, just in the nick of time.  Ridley Scott keeps the Alien suspense alive and kicking!


7.  Looper.  Slept through the whole middle the first time, so was very confused.  Saw the whole thing the second time and made more sense.  Great flick.

8.  Dark Knight Rises.  Still not a huge Christian Bale fan, his whisper/lisp bugs me.  Glad this trilogy is over.  Time for a fresh one.

9.  Dark Shadows.  Grew up watching Barnabas Collins.  Johnny Depp was superb.

10. Brave.  Fiery red-headed green-eyed girl.

There are a LOT of good new movies still due to come out this year, and I can’t wait.  However, I did go see Cloud Atlas yesterday, and walked out after about an hour.  I just didn’t get it.  But I’m really looking forward to:

Flight, Life of Pi, Skyfall, The Hobbit, Les Miserables, Red Dawn, Gravity, Jack Reacher, Jack the Giant Killer, Silver Lining, Hitchcock, Playing for Keeps, Hunter Killer, and of course the final Twilight, Break Dawn Part II.

I’m sure my Top Ten will change.  It might become my Top Twenty.  What is your favorite movie this year?  I would like to know!

Dirty little secrets, dirty little lies

We all have them.  Things we don’t necessarily announce right away when meeting people.  Sometimes things we don’t want ANYBODY to know. Things we hide. Things we keep under lock and key.

Now, I’m not talking about murder, assault with a deadly weapon, significant stealing or other felonies.  I’m talking about your run of the mill misdemeanors like stealing office supplies, mean things you have done to other people, thoughts and deeds that you regret.  In other words, things you wish you had a mulligan for.  (For you non-golfers out there, that means a do-over).

Everybody has different standards on what constitutes a dirty little secret or lie.  For instance, some business owners think nothing of stealing from their own company, or violating OSHA, Immigration, and IRS laws.  For others, it means getting caught with your hands in the cookie jar, and you blame it on the cat.

And their IS a difference between a dirty little secret, and dirty little lie.  A secret means you keep something you’ve done under wraps.  A lie means you got caught, and must now misdirect the truth to something you’ve said or done.  Obviously a secret is better than a lie, overall.  I’m not sure what category I would put cheating on your spouse in.  It’s a heinous secret and lie.

And then what do you do when somebody tells you their dirty little secret or lie.  They swear YOU to secrecy, and then you become an accomplice to their deed.   It can be too much of a burden to bear, and most people WILL tell someone else.  You can’t really blame them, it’s human nature.  If you don’t want them to pass it on, then tell your priest or lawyer.  It is their duty to keep your secret.  In the case of a lie, a priest can absolve you from your sin, and actually make you feel better.

But sharing with other people can sometimes be fun, like playing Truth or Dare.  I always chose Truth, being the good Catholic girl I am, ha!  I’m pretty sure some people lied about their truth, and maybe elaborated a bit, but that was half the fun!  So……

I’ll tell you one of mine, if you tell me one of yours…

I’m a PC

Windows versus Mac.  Even more importantly, Android versus iPhone.  You are one or the other.  They are both beautiful.

Pricing with a new contract comparable.  So how do you choose?  Quite truthfully, the Samsung blows away the iPhone in my opinion.  Bigger, better, faster, stronger.  lol

I always say I’m a Windows girl.  Not a Mac girl.  Why is that?  I guess primarily because most business environments that I have worked in are fans of Bill Gates , not Steve Jobs.  Everything is Windows, not Mac.  I have never worked on a Mac.  Would I like it?  Probably.  I think they are beautiful.  Pricey.  But pretty.  Pretty Pricey I guess.  And in my field of accounting, $ rule the world.  But those “I’m a PC” and “I’m a Mac” commercials?  Killer.  Love them.  They speak the truth, lol.

I see that Mac is now entering the “mini” tablet market.

I think that’s great, but their price at $329 is just another example of their elitist attitude.  Whether or not it is better than other tablets doesn’t matter, it’s the NAME that matters.  Therefore people will be willing to pay more.

Anyway, now that I am self-employed, I look around and see that I have a Windows XP desktop, a Windows 7 laptop, a Samsung Galaxy II Android phone, a Kindle, and a Nook Color rooted to be a Cyogen Mod 7 android tablet.  Yep.  I’m a PC.  And an Android girl.  I am NOT an IT expert (nor do I want to be, lol).  I don’t know all the technical jargon etc.  I just know what I like.

Which one are you?  And Why?  Are you going to buy an iPad mini?  Please answer here in Word Press!  Thanks!

Dear 20 year old self:

Dear 20-year-old self:

You don’t know this yet, but you will finally lose that virginity you’ve been holding up like a halo in just a few months.  Not to your favorite Sigma Nu, P.J., at Illinois State, but to your latest disco dance partner Taylor from The Thirsty Whale.  You will plan the seduction yourself, down to the smallest detail. It will happen on Sweetest Day, in your childhood home, on your childhood bed.  Everything will be perfect, except for the actual act itself.  Oh well, don’t say I didn’t warn you!  I know you wanted to wait until it meant something, and I wish I could tell you that it did, but it went the way of most deflowerings.  Not such a big deal after all!

But, dear 21-year-old self, not to fear.  The next man you meet will be the ONE.  The ONE you waited for.  With him, it WILL be a big deal after all!  So you will marry him in a mere six months from now.  And it will be wonderful.  For a while.

Dear 30-year-old self.  I’m sorry to tell you that your marriage is indeed over.  I’m not going to lie.  It’s going to be rough on you.  Very rough.  Luckily you will have good friends to get you through it.  Who will introduce you to THEIR friends.  One of whom you will fall madly, gladly in love with.  This one will stay with you in your heart as your one true love throughout the years, even now.  But, I’m sad to say, not in the way you wanted.  He WILL hurt you.  More than once.  But you will let him.  Because you love him.  But you know.  You know it will never happen again.  Your dreams tell you so.

Dear 30-something-year-old self:  Enjoy yourself!  You are still young, still beautiful!  You have a great job, great friends, great boyfriends!  Life is good!

Dear almost 40-year-old self:  So you will bite the bullet again and get married.  Wish I could say congratulations, but all I see is darkness ahead for you.  And I think deep down inside you will know it, but are hoping for the best.  He loves you.  He will change for you.  You believe him.  You don’t.  You know.  It’s over.  It’s awful.  Even more than the first time.  This one is NOT a gentleman.  This one will hurt you physically in addition to mentally.  This one will leave many scars.

Dear 40-something-year-old self:  You will get cancer.  It will hurt.  It will take a long time to heal.  It will humble you.  You will think about your spiritual life.  It will save you in many ways.  It will help strengthen you for the upcoming issues you will have to deal with that are coming your way.

Dear rest of your life:  Life will get much harder before it get easier.  Hang in there.  You will persevere in the end.  Life will be what you make it.  Appreciate your family, appreciate your friends.  I can tell you that you will be a good friend, a good sister, a good aunt, and you will continue to rescue animals that love you so much.  You will write more, which has been waiting to burst out of you for so long.  You will continue to sing and dance, and do things that make you smile.  And that’s what life is all about.

Can you ever go back?

He was my next door neighbor when I was in high school.  He was in college.  I thought he was so cool.  Tall, dark, handsome, rugby player.  I had a crush on him from afar.

I also had a crush on the youngest brother.  He was a twin, and his sister was my best friend then.  We would both practice our cheers all day long.  He was the star football player, and cute as could be.  But a year behind me in school, and in high school, girls didn’t date younger.  Guys could, but girls couldn’t.  Robbing the cradle mentality I guess.  Cougars weren’t invented back then.

However, I grew up liking younger men.  I’m in a permanently young state of mind.  (It’s that magic mirror I have, that takes away all the fat and wrinkles).  I stayed friends with the twins even after moving away, but gradually grew apart.  The boy eventually moved to my new neck of the woods for a job, so we renewed our friendship.  Friends only.  He wasn’t my type romantically anymore.  But he was the BEST friend a person could have, and helped me tremendously through my divorce.  God sent him to me for a reason.

Recently we had lunch together, and he mentioned his oldest brother was divorced.  I jokingly said we should call him, I always had a crush on him.  Well, we did.  And so a relationship of sorts started on the phone with him.  He still lived back in my old home town, about 4 hours away.  Soon he asked if he could come and visit.  I was a little nervous about welcoming a “stranger” into my home after so long, but I agreed.  I told him up front he would stay in the guest room or a hotel.  He opted for the guest room.

When I first saw him, my system was a bit jolted.  My mind’s image of him was still based on his college days, not his old age days.  Let’s just say that time has not been kind to him.  Or me, for that matter.  He brought load after load of crap from his trunk into my house.  For a two day stay.   We got along “ok” but I really didn’t feel much of a spark or connection with him.  He smoked like a chimney.  He wore rumpled wrinkled old clothes.  He really didn’t have many social graces.  (Farting in public?  In front of me?)  Also very stubborn and set in ways.  Oh, and did I mention the Darth Vader mask  CPAP machine?  Neither did he before he came.  And he had some, um, other “issues”.  Age related prolly.  (Another reason not to date older men).  But, I gave it the old college try, on two different weekends.  But when he wanted to come for a holiday “week”, I just had to put the kabosh on things.  No way could I manage this disruption in my home for that long. I didn’t have enough room in my house for all the things he would probably bring.  Pots. Pans. Herbs. Food.  Leftover food. Bags of open chips etc.  Suitcases full of rumpled clothes.  My patience would have snapped.

I tried to let him down gently, but I guess I was a little rusty at breakups.  He wanted details.  I mentioned the smoking and messiness and taking over my house.  But I also felt an enormous amount of guilt, since I used to pray to God and say “all I want is a nice man with a good 401K plan and health insurance”, and God dropped him into my lap, and here I am, tossing him back.

So we let things lie for a while.  He would send me love letters and presents, in the mail.  Snail mail.  He quit smoking, which was HUGE.  Slowly I started to forget his annoyances.  So when he texted me and asked if I wanted to go on a date, and meet halfway somewhere, I was amenable.  I googled some places, and off I went for a overnite date at a casino hotel.  I wasn’t totally hopeful, but I thought he deserved another try.  A neutral location with lots of fun to be had might be just the ticket.  I went with an open mind.

So how does the story end?  I’m going to let you, the readers, choose!  It will be fun to see the responses and the different scenarios!  I want you guys to write the ending to this love story!  Go!

I’m baaaaack!

Some of you may have noticed that I took a long hiatus from my blogging and Facebook.  Let’s just say it was not my idea.  I had a legal issue pending, and Big Brother was watching and taking notes.  I don’t really know what incriminating facts they could have garnered from my blog, but maybe personal stories about boyfriends, TV shows, movies and other areas of my life gave them ammunition.  Personally I felt they were blocking my 1st Amendment rights of Freedom of Speech, but rather than have to suffer through yet another legal issue, I went on a sabbatical from my writing.  At least publishing my writing.  I have a whole lot of things saved up to say now!

Anyway, litigation is pretty much over, unless I want to take further legal action where other rights were violated.  But, I’m not a greedy person, and I think Karma will take of the rest.

So, I’m back to my writing, and I WILL be posting a blog soon explaining things a bit further.  Maybe.  I’ve been itching to post it for over a year now.  But some times things are better left unsaid.  We shall see.  I re-read it every day and contemplate it.

In the meantime I will get back to writing silly stories about silly things.  Like my new baby kitty, all the new movies I have seen, men I have dated, etc.  You guys are in for it now, lol.

I am really happy to be back in blogland, and have missed (and probably lost) all my followers.  Hopefully I will win you all back, and more!