Fan or Fanatic?

Yes, I’m still a Gavin DeGraw fan.  He had himself quite a succesful tour this summer, to sold out venues all over the country.  I love his music and think he is a cool guy.  And yes, he follows me on twitter.  And have personal interaction there on occasion.  My own special Gavin twitter account, lol.  BUT.  I’m not running off after him any time soon.  Some of the girls that follow Gavin on twitter are really just too much.  Kinda of sad and funny at the same time.  And when they get too aggressive and he unfollows them?  OMG, they are heartbroken forever.  Seriously.  These are grown women.  MARRIED women.  Doesn’t matter.  They are totally obsessed with Gavin.  Hence, they are not just fans, they are fanatic.

I try to be realistic, and know that he isn’t pining away for me and writing songs about me and barely knows I exist.  His latest album “Sweeter” isn’t all love ballads, some songs really speak to the situation.  As a gifted songwriter, Gavin says it best himself:  “If you miss me, don’t. If I never wanna see you again I won’t. If you get an invitation I’m probably drunk. You’re just as hot as radiation. But I’m in this situation.  I only give in when I get the need.  I’m only coming around cause I get to leave and…”  Hello, booty call people.

He is a touring musician.  His rabid fans truly believe he is sweet and innocent and doesn’t have a girlfriend because he doesn’t have the time.  People, trust me.  He doesn’t buy the milk, cause he gets GALLONS of it every day for free!  Girls are throwing themselves at him at every turn.  Do a little digging and you can find out he prefers them young and blonde, and there is no dearth of them.

Now, he may be a man whore, but he is NOT a total cad.  He is very respectful and polite to ALL his fans, young and old alike.  He always has a ready smile, and will take a pic and sign an autograph for you.  His handlers have to drag him away, otherwise he would stay and hang out and talk for hours.

He puts on quite a show onstage, and does enough winking and pointing to make every girl feel special and singled out.  But there is always one held in reserve for later.  It is said he is very attentive to them til the deed is done, and then they are sent on their way.  And usually the “deed” is a one way street, if you get my drift.  But hey, there are plenty of girls out there who would consider it an honor and a privilege to service him.

I mean, come on, he travels on a bus with his band and crew.  They sleep in bunkbeds three high, with curtains.  Not sure how romantic you can get in there for long, lol.  Especially if the bus is on its way to the next tour stop.  Seems like the girl would be stranded at a new destination.  So the girl prolly never makes it to the bunk.  Unless she is a keeper, for at least a few stops, lol.

But it does amaze me what some of these fans think and do.  I am very enamored of him, and have quite a cougar crush on him.  But I am also realistic, and am content to admire him from afar.  These woman follow him around the country just to meet and greet him for 5 minutes for a photo op.  A very expensive photo op!  They stand in long lines to get the best seats.

But hey, whatever floats your boat.  Girls have been doing this for ever.  That’s what sells records, and makes a rock star.  He doesn’t seem to have any bad press following him around about it, so I guess the girl(s) slink away afterwards content for what little attention they received, but too embarrassed to tell the real story of what happened (or didn’t happen).

And he IS sensitive, if nothing else.  At least in his early days, as evidenced by MY personal favorite song of his, Glass.

“Fool you made the girl fall in love, you said those beautiful things, she thought you spoke things you mean

You breathe her air and you leave, you keep your mind on yourself, and lie the glass on the shelf

It wasn’t a lie but it wasn’t true, I just wanted to make you feel good, just wanted you near.  I wasn’t prepared, I wasn’t thinking of you, that you could actually love me, it never should have started.

But it was the kiss, it took me away, it’s like he knew that I am fragile, he handled me like glass

but I don’t want the man to suffer, oh not the way I am. Because deep down I know that he’s glass too

but it really doesn’t matter, until it’s happening to you . Everybody breaks. Everybody breaks sometimes”

Crash….the sound of glass breaking…or is that your heart?

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