I’m baaaaack!

Some of you may have noticed that I took a long hiatus from my blogging and Facebook.  Let’s just say it was not my idea.  I had a legal issue pending, and Big Brother was watching and taking notes.  I don’t really know what incriminating facts they could have garnered from my blog, but maybe personal stories about boyfriends, TV shows, movies and other areas of my life gave them ammunition.  Personally I felt they were blocking my 1st Amendment rights of Freedom of Speech, but rather than have to suffer through yet another legal issue, I went on a sabbatical from my writing.  At least publishing my writing.  I have a whole lot of things saved up to say now!

Anyway, litigation is pretty much over, unless I want to take further legal action where other rights were violated.  But, I’m not a greedy person, and I think Karma will take of the rest.

So, I’m back to my writing, and I WILL be posting a blog soon explaining things a bit further.  Maybe.  I’ve been itching to post it for over a year now.  But some times things are better left unsaid.  We shall see.  I re-read it every day and contemplate it.

In the meantime I will get back to writing silly stories about silly things.  Like my new baby kitty, all the new movies I have seen, men I have dated, etc.  You guys are in for it now, lol.

I am really happy to be back in blogland, and have missed (and probably lost) all my followers.  Hopefully I will win you all back, and more!


One thought on “I’m baaaaack!

  1. Welcome back! I’m still following, well…..I was patiently waiting to follow you again! Lead the way I am right behind you cheering! See me?? Over here?!
    Good to see you again!! 🙂

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