I’m a PC

Windows versus Mac.  Even more importantly, Android versus iPhone.  You are one or the other.  They are both beautiful.

Pricing with a new contract comparable.  So how do you choose?  Quite truthfully, the Samsung blows away the iPhone in my opinion.  Bigger, better, faster, stronger.  lol

I always say I’m a Windows girl.  Not a Mac girl.  Why is that?  I guess primarily because most business environments that I have worked in are fans of Bill Gates , not Steve Jobs.  Everything is Windows, not Mac.  I have never worked on a Mac.  Would I like it?  Probably.  I think they are beautiful.  Pricey.  But pretty.  Pretty Pricey I guess.  And in my field of accounting, $ rule the world.  But those “I’m a PC” and “I’m a Mac” commercials?  Killer.  Love them.  They speak the truth, lol.

I see that Mac is now entering the “mini” tablet market.

I think that’s great, but their price at $329 is just another example of their elitist attitude.  Whether or not it is better than other tablets doesn’t matter, it’s the NAME that matters.  Therefore people will be willing to pay more.

Anyway, now that I am self-employed, I look around and see that I have a Windows XP desktop, a Windows 7 laptop, a Samsung Galaxy II Android phone, a Kindle, and a Nook Color rooted to be a Cyogen Mod 7 android tablet.  Yep.  I’m a PC.  And an Android girl.  I am NOT an IT expert (nor do I want to be, lol).  I don’t know all the technical jargon etc.  I just know what I like.

Which one are you?  And Why?  Are you going to buy an iPad mini?  Please answer here in Word Press!  Thanks!

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