Dirty little secrets, dirty little lies

We all have them.  Things we don’t necessarily announce right away when meeting people.  Sometimes things we don’t want ANYBODY to know. Things we hide. Things we keep under lock and key.

Now, I’m not talking about murder, assault with a deadly weapon, significant stealing or other felonies.  I’m talking about your run of the mill misdemeanors like stealing office supplies, mean things you have done to other people, thoughts and deeds that you regret.  In other words, things you wish you had a mulligan for.  (For you non-golfers out there, that means a do-over).

Everybody has different standards on what constitutes a dirty little secret or lie.  For instance, some business owners think nothing of stealing from their own company, or violating OSHA, Immigration, and IRS laws.  For others, it means getting caught with your hands in the cookie jar, and you blame it on the cat.

And their IS a difference between a dirty little secret, and dirty little lie.  A secret means you keep something you’ve done under wraps.  A lie means you got caught, and must now misdirect the truth to something you’ve said or done.  Obviously a secret is better than a lie, overall.  I’m not sure what category I would put cheating on your spouse in.  It’s a heinous secret and lie.

And then what do you do when somebody tells you their dirty little secret or lie.  They swear YOU to secrecy, and then you become an accomplice to their deed.   It can be too much of a burden to bear, and most people WILL tell someone else.  You can’t really blame them, it’s human nature.  If you don’t want them to pass it on, then tell your priest or lawyer.  It is their duty to keep your secret.  In the case of a lie, a priest can absolve you from your sin, and actually make you feel better.

But sharing with other people can sometimes be fun, like playing Truth or Dare.  I always chose Truth, being the good Catholic girl I am, ha!  I’m pretty sure some people lied about their truth, and maybe elaborated a bit, but that was half the fun!  So……

I’ll tell you one of mine, if you tell me one of yours…


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