Do you believe in climate change NOW?

We always thought it was gonna be California falling into the ocean after the big quake hit.  Instead it is the EAST coast that is disappearing into the ocean.

Say hello to my little friend, Sandy….

I feel so bad for all the East coast people.  Hell, the effects are being felt all the way to Chicago!  Huge storm.  Can’t imagine the billions of dollars in damages coming our way.

Don’t believe in climate change?  This is all normal?  Really?  Excuse me if I disagree.  Everyone has been making fun of Al Gore for years with his Global Warming.

If you think Global Warming is simply about it getting hotter out and having to run your A/C a bit more, think again.  Tsunamis, earthquakes, tornadoes, heat waves, blizzards, drought, flooding, hurricanes…..getting more frequent and more severe.  THIS is our new normal.  The Mayans may not have been right, but maybe we are getting closer to something….

Is it time to build another ark?


2 thoughts on “Do you believe in climate change NOW?

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