Top Ten Male Attractants

1.  A man in a watch.  Preferably a black band.  Not a metal band, or flex band.

2.  A fresh, clean, nautical scent.

3.  Pearly whites.  Especially if they have fangs. lol

4.  Funny and witty.

5.  Well spoken and well read.

6.  Dark hair and blue eyes, or blond hair and blue eyes.  NO BROWN EYES   ANYMORE!

7.  Clean and neat in appearance and lifestyle.

8.  Knows his way around a hammer.

9.  Treats his mom like a queen.

10. Is moral and ethical.

I could go on and on but I don’t want to sound too picky, haha.  Are the above qualities too much to ask for, all in ONE man?  I guess, because men like this are few and far between.

What attracts YOU to a man?  Any good qualities I missed?

Have a great weekend!


8 thoughts on “Top Ten Male Attractants

  1. You covered it pretty well.
    Wit and sense of humor are huge for me.check
    Hands that look like he knows his way around a hammer check or engine.
    Intelligent well read, well spoken. check
    Taller than me which means at least 6′ tall
    Clean and neat check
    Morals, honest, BIG on the honesty thing.
    Confident without arrogant
    Clean shaven
    A dimple in the chin gets me every time.
    A nice butt in jeans that fit will get my attention also
    I gotta admit I have a hang up about weight so he can’t have too many extra pounds.

    Has a job
    Has a vehicle
    Has a place to live
    Breathing without assistance

  2. You covered alot. Must have a license and a job. Able to take care of himself. I want to be a partner, not your mother. Clean lifestyle. Spiritual in one way or another. Able to have a conversation. Social skills and manners. Likes kids. Can manage his own life. Someone who will enhance my life and make me push myself. Not someone who is going to drag me down.

  3. (In from SDL. Hi.)

    Admittedly, Darling does not hit all of these criteria. He uses his phone as a timepiece, so I’m still assured he’ll be on time and keep his appointments. His teeth are a little wonky, but mine aren’t perfect, either, and anyway I’ve heard interesting things about NHS dentistry. 🙂 He has these beautiful brown eyes that turn from amber to black-as-night depending on his mood. He has been kind enough to help with little household things that were hard for Mum and I — nothing like a six-footer to change a hall lightbulb! And I’m sure he’d treat his own mother like a queen if she were still alive, given how well he treats mine.

    Most importantly, he is moral, he is ethical, and he helps me become more so myself.

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