A Blind guy and a Pie

I had an interesting afternoon today.  In fact, I’ve had a very busy week or two, with tradesmen in and out for estimates and installations etc. as I try to fix up my sorely neglected house.

But today was more “interesting” than most.  A guy came today to measure my 2nd story Octagon window for a window treatment.  A blind of sorts.  He was very friendly and we got to gabbing (what, who me?) and then he said he would hang my store-bought drapes for me in the bedroom.   By that point I knew that he was an attractive, kind-of-single guy (divorced but has girlfriend).  Soooooo, I offered him a piece of my pie that I had just taken out of the oven.  Carmel Apple/Peach lattice with butter crumb topping.  He just drooled and said yes.  So while he was hanging drapes, I got busy making coffee and dishing up pie. 🙂

PieWhen he was done with the drapes we sat in the kitchen drinking coffee, eating pie, and talking.  And talking.  And talking.  Almost 2 hours talking.  We got along very well, to say the least.  It’s too bad I had wet hair and no make-up on when he came to my house, but who knew?  So I guess he saw me at my worst, lol.

I’ll probably never see him again after he installs my blinds next week, since he has a girlfriend.  BUT, perhaps I shall bake a cake or another pie that day and curl my hair and put a little make-up on.  Probably won’t help, but it’s always nice to let them know what they are missing out on!

And for all your dirty girls out there on Facebook who were hoping for a totally different story…..stay tuned!  One more visit to go!


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