Death surrounds us

It was not the best of days today.  Yesterday my BIL died of a heart attack.  In the midst of trying to make death arrangements, our country once again was placed in the hands of a madman who decided to murder children.

I am mad.  I am angry.  I am frightened.

It is bad enough that we have to witness the death of our loved ones from “natural causes” like heart disease.  It is yet a whole different ballgame when we have to watch our children be slaughtered by some sick asshole with a gun.

When will it stop?  How do we stop it?  Why does it happen?  Where do they get the guns?  Should they have guns?  Do we need to ban guns?

So many questions, that will never be answered.  The answer died with a mentally ill gunman who had an obvious distaste for his mother.  Just wish he had kept his family dysfunction at home, and not taken it to the public sector.  Another infamous gunman.  Such a waste.

Instead of being able to concentrate on my family and make arrangements to lay a good man to rest, I gotta listen to death and destruction laid upon poor innocent people’s doorstep.

Everyone is shocked and appalled.  Even our President, apparently.  I can’t believe all the bashing I am seeing of him because he spoke as a parent to other parents and shed a few tears.  Jeez people, take your misguided anger and frustration out on the fuckers shooting up America.  You want the gun laws changed?  Overnight?  Good luck with that.  Doesn’t matter who is President.  The debate will be/has been argued on both sides for decades.

An awful thing.  My BIL died.  And so did so many more people.  They will all be mourned.


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