A blind guy and…..no pie???

no pie

Some of you may remember my first encounter with my window treatment guy/blind guy.  When he came to measure, I shared some coffee, pie and stimulating conversation with him.  He did say he had a girlfriend, but we got along really well, and he stayed for hours.  So I figured he at least liked me well enough as a friend.

He came back today to install the blinds.  We spoke on the phone prior a few times, and he made me promise NOT to make a pie.  It’s a new year, and new resolutions, and pie is not on it for either of us!  So, I figured with no pie, his stay would be brief.

He was late arriving, busy day.  It was fine with me as I had a swimming class in the morning and it gave me time to do my hair and makeup, since the last time I was in sweats fresh out of the shower.  When he finally arrived, I was happy to see that I remembered him well.  He was still attractive and funny etc.  My cats were all over him like a cheap suit for awhile, and he took the time to pet them and talk in “animal voice” to them, just like I do, lol.  It was almost embarrassing how much they were pawing all over him.  I was jealous.  Of my cats, good Lord!

He only had to put up a few blinds, but of course we got to talking and 3 hours flew by.  His cell phone rang a few times and he ignored it.  (Wonder who was calling).  I was so comfortable with him.  We talked about being married, divorced, being single, dating, etc.  I just kept thinking, why can’t I meet a guy like him, who DOESN’T have a girlfriend?  I’m always a day late and a dollar short, so to speak.

As it got late, he was showing me how to use the blinds, and I was standing close to him.  I started to feel faint, lol.  He turned and looked at me and I almost thought he was going to kiss me.  He put his hands on my shoulders and said “I wish I had met you a year ago.  Where were you when I was looking for a girlfriend?”  I was so sad for a moment, cause I have such bad luck when it comes to men.  I just looked at him and shook my head, and my eyes kinda filled with tears.  Of course.  I’m a crier.  But I didn’t really cry, just a few tears dribbled out, thank God.  He hugged me and said, it will feel weird not seeing you anymore, I feel like we’ve become best friends.  I’ll miss our talks.  I babbled about if you’re in the neighborhood kind of thing, but really, what could I say?  The man has a girlfriend.  A LIVE-IN girlfriend.  I am not a home wrecking kind of girl (unlike some people I know), so I have no choice but to close the chapter on this one.  As per usual.

As he drove away I couldn’t help but feel a little mad in addition to a little sad.  Mad that I am never in the right place at the right time in the right frame of mind.  Or whatever.  Just when I think I am happy being single, I run into someone like him.

Someone I can’t have.


2 thoughts on “A blind guy and…..no pie???

  1. That ending sucks. I had high hopes for the blinds guy. Maybe you will run into him again down the road. People come into our lives for a reason. I always regret turning down a great guy I knew for yrs for a not so nice guy. The really great guy turned out to be a wonderful hubs/dad for another. I always wonder what if? So what if this was the universe telling u something?

    • I know. It sucks. Who knows. Girlfriends don’t always last forever. Neither do wives for that matter, lol. But I was cheated on, and I refuse to EVER cause another that pain. And I don’t think this guy is a cheater, which is a GOOD thing!

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