A blind guy and…..no pie???

no pie

Some of you may remember my first encounter with my window treatment guy/blind guy.  When he came to measure, I shared some coffee, pie and stimulating conversation with him.  He did say he had a girlfriend, but we got along really well, and he stayed for hours.  So I figured he at least liked me well enough as a friend.

He came back today to install the blinds.  We spoke on the phone prior a few times, and he made me promise NOT to make a pie.  It’s a new year, and new resolutions, and pie is not on it for either of us!  So, I figured with no pie, his stay would be brief.

He was late arriving, busy day.  It was fine with me as I had a swimming class in the morning and it gave me time to do my hair and makeup, since the last time I was in sweats fresh out of the shower.  When he finally arrived, I was happy to see that I remembered him well.  He was still attractive and funny etc.  My cats were all over him like a cheap suit for awhile, and he took the time to pet them and talk in “animal voice” to them, just like I do, lol.  It was almost embarrassing how much they were pawing all over him.  I was jealous.  Of my cats, good Lord!

He only had to put up a few blinds, but of course we got to talking and 3 hours flew by.  His cell phone rang a few times and he ignored it.  (Wonder who was calling).  I was so comfortable with him.  We talked about being married, divorced, being single, dating, etc.  I just kept thinking, why can’t I meet a guy like him, who DOESN’T have a girlfriend?  I’m always a day late and a dollar short, so to speak.

As it got late, he was showing me how to use the blinds, and I was standing close to him.  I started to feel faint, lol.  He turned and looked at me and I almost thought he was going to kiss me.  He put his hands on my shoulders and said “I wish I had met you a year ago.  Where were you when I was looking for a girlfriend?”  I was so sad for a moment, cause I have such bad luck when it comes to men.  I just looked at him and shook my head, and my eyes kinda filled with tears.  Of course.  I’m a crier.  But I didn’t really cry, just a few tears dribbled out, thank God.  He hugged me and said, it will feel weird not seeing you anymore, I feel like we’ve become best friends.  I’ll miss our talks.  I babbled about if you’re in the neighborhood kind of thing, but really, what could I say?  The man has a girlfriend.  A LIVE-IN girlfriend.  I am not a home wrecking kind of girl (unlike some people I know), so I have no choice but to close the chapter on this one.  As per usual.

As he drove away I couldn’t help but feel a little mad in addition to a little sad.  Mad that I am never in the right place at the right time in the right frame of mind.  Or whatever.  Just when I think I am happy being single, I run into someone like him.

Someone I can’t have.


You are my Match? Seriously? REDUX

It’s a New Year, all kinds of new resolutions going on.  Funny to look back on things…..

Lately I’ve been making some changes in my life.  My birthday is coming up soon, and I realized that I’m not getting any younger, and that my glory days are disappearing fast in the rear view mirror of life.

So I thought I’d give Match.com another go.  I had very good luck with Match in the past, and went out on a lot of really great dates, and even had a long distance relationship that lasted a year and a half, if you count the time he was in Iraq.  After he decided he’d rather go BACK to Iraq than retire and stay at home with me, I figured my luck had run out.  No more Army pilots for me!  He was married to the army, and LOVED the excitement of war.  How could I compete with that?

A few years have passed, and I haven’t found the pickings very good in or around my home town.  Most men are either married, or single for a reason.  A good reason.  Ones that I am NOT going to deal with again.  Been there, done that, barely lived to tell the tale.  Hence, I rejoined Match.

Funny thing is, I recognize a lot of the same people.  Either they are still looking (bad sign), or are lazy and never took down their profiles (like me) and get the weekly emails and quickly scroll through the pictures to see if one pops, that would make it worth their while to PAY for the pursuit of happiness.

After perusing the site for a while, I started by sending out a few winks.  Then I figured those are pretty useless, especially if the guy isn’t a member.  At least if I email them, I can see if they ever opened the email, and were indeed a member.  See, that’s how they get you.  You get notification that you have an email, but you don’t know from who, so you have to pay up first.  Many don’t bother until the emails start racking up.  But whatever, I digress.

So out went the witty and charming emails.  Bingo!  TWO guys actually responded right away!  But immediately a red flag went up.  They wanted to email outside of match, on yahoo.  Usually that is not a good sign.  Usually that means they are scammers.  But, I thought I’d see for sure.  I used my cat’s email address (yes, I did!) and sent them an email.  Oh, the ones I got back were sooooooo unbelievable complimentary!  How beautiful, smart, charming, and loving I am.  How they will dedicate their lives to make me happy.  Blah blah blah.  Again, been there, done that.  Scammers indeed.  Next email they will tell you they are “working” out of the country and need to have money wired to them to get home.  Needless to say, I was bummed.  They seemed so real.  These particular scammers were good.  Profiles were filled out in detail, with multiple pics and everything.  Sigh.

BUT…….then I got an email from a guy that I hadn’t contacted first.  He chose me!  He didn’t ask me to yahoo him!  SCORE!  So I chatted with him online for a time, and then he gave me his phone number.  I called him with my number blocked, and we talked and talked, for a few days.  Just when I thought I was going to get lucky (not that way), BANG! the bubble was burst.  This normal, sane, reasonably attractive man, was basically looking for a Dominatrix.  He wanted me to “control” him, and he would do anything I asked of him.  He got off on being dominated.  I am NOT Rhianna……chains and whips DON’T excite me!  As soon as he started talking about different “scenarios” that he fantasizes about, I wished him a good life and hung up.    Another disappointment.  Sheesh.

I’m obviously looking for love in all the wrong places.  What are the right places?  It’s going to happen when I least expect it, right?  Then why are so many people on dating sites?

I wonder if Match will give me a refund.  I’m just going to wait for Mr. Right to knock on my front door.  I think I have a better chance of that happening than finding one online.

Another Kardashian Kastoff – REDUX

Well. Since I wrote this post, Kimye has gotten herself a new man, AND now a new baby!  Congrats to Kayne and Kim!  But oh wait…isn’t there a little matter of a DIVORCE to deal with first??????

Well it looks like Kim and Kris’s multi-million dollar wedded bliss is over.  I’m with Khloe on this one….never did figure out what Kim saw in the cocky, arrogant, benchwarming basketball player.  He treated her like a rag doll and seemed to get great pleasure in picking her up and throwing her in the water or on the bed.  Frankly I’m surprised he lasted as long as he did.  He never fit in with the family, as he refused to drink of the Kardashian Kool-Aid.  He was very sarcastic and had a smart mouth and said stupid stuff.  In my humble opinion.  (How Bruce Jenner doesn’t put a gun to his head is beyond me, lol).

At first I was feeling bad about all the money the E network spent on this failed wedding, but then I realized that this new drama is RATINGS GOLD BABY!!!!!  Now everyone will tuned into Kourtney and Kim Take New York to see how all this plays out.  I wonder if Kim just went along with the wedding, knowing she was going to dump him all along.  Wouldn’t surprise me.  Look what goes on with the Bachelor and Bachelorette shows.  If you think all that drama isn’t pre-planned, you must read Reality Steve dot com.

Kris, your free ride is over.  You still have no job, and now no wife.  And if the prenup holds up, no money.  But you had a good season on E, and got to put your grubby paws all over a Kardashian.  And I’m sure you’ll sell your tell all story to the press.  Good luck with all that.

I am WOMAN, hear me ROAR! Redux

I am having a good time re-reading my old blogs, so here’s another blast from the past!

I am woman

I am a Woman.  A SINGLE woman.  I can bring home the bacon AND fry it up in a pan.  With my eyes closed.  While texting.  And tweeting.  Simultaneously.

Some people have a problem with that.  They think I’m a big fat loser because I don’t have a man.  Like a woman’s worth is based on having a mate, or at least dating, or living with a man.

Why?  A large percentage of people I know that are married are MISERABLE, in a wide variety of ways.  They lie and cheat on their spouses. (No, don’t ask me about yours!  I’m speaking in generalities!)  When I got divorced, because of my lying cheating spouse, married men came out of the woodwork to “comfort” me now that I was newly single.  In fact they probably would have “comforted” me even while being married, except everyone around me knew how I felt about lying cheating spouses!  And you know that old adage that the wife is the last to know?  It’s true.  My spouse lied and cheated on me throughout the whole marriage.  In addition to a few other fabulous qualities like mental and physical abuse.  He was the perfect example of a brain on alcohol.

After all that, I truly have no desire to go through another experience like that again.  I am not a masochist.  I still do believe in love, and soul mates and all that other crap.  But I am truly careful now.  People around me say I am being too picky and that I will end up alone as the neighborhood cat lady.  Well, let me see…..that’s ok by me.  Que sera sera.  At least I will be the master of my own domain.

Is there another man out for me?  I truly don’t know.  I have a serious aversion to smoking, drinking, belligerence, bullying, meanness, and overall disrespect.  So that really narrows down the playing field.  And I’ve tried the friends with benefits route.  Not for me, thanks.

I can wait.  No hurry.  If it happens, it happens.  If it doesn’t, well, I’m still my own woman.  I’m happy being the cat lady for now.  At least I have rescued two little souls who love me unconditionally.


Another year falling off the calendar

2013Bye Bye 2012.  I won’t miss you toooooo much.  Some good things?  Yes.  Some bad things?  Yes.

It almost seems like a chore to write this blog, I kept putting it off.  I don’t know why, really.  I guess I hate all the New Year’s Resolutions that only last a few weeks, or looking back at a year that wasn’t so stellar after all.

I think what most people need, including myself, is a good kick in the ass.  Shake off the old dust, and add some new.  Winter time makes people feel like hibernating.  When it gets dark so early, people huddle indoors.  And without Christmas lights to brightening everything up, it is depressing.  All the hype and hoopla of the holidays are over.  The presents have been opened and broken.  The time-consuming wrappings all tossed in the trash.  The dinners and desserts all eaten.  The party hats and streamers stored away until next year.  Everything feels different now.  No sense of anticipating in the air.  Now we are left with counting down the days to summer.

My brother-in-law died right before Christmas.  Another relative to add to the December death list.  It seems to keep growing.  But I guess it is never a good time to die.  It has added an additional layer of gloom and sadness over my family that we must fight through.  My sister is so very sad, and it makes me even sadder.  She is my best friend.  I want to help her through the darkness to see the light.  It’s hard.  Death is always so hard.

The lakes are freezing up pretty good right now.  Hopefully some winter fun can be had soon, if only it would snow.  Our weather has been screwed up for a few years now so who knows wat will happen.  It would be nice to ride my quad on the lake for the first time in a few years!

Sigh.  So.  I’m not going make any predictions or resolutions for this year.  I am going to do my best to make it better than last year.  That’s really about all anybody can do.

Happier New Year!


Doing the Tebow – REDUX

Football play-offs are approaching, and I was thinking of Tebow yesterday, and remembering all the fuss about him last year.  And I don’t want him to be forgotten.  I think he could be a great quarterback, and I KNOW he is a great man.  Soo here is what I was thinking last December…..

Meet Tim Tebow.  The man, the legend….what a quarterback should look like.  High school star, college star, Heismann Trophy winner.  He’s got it all.  Oh, and by the way, he is a Christian, and proud to show it.

Whether or not his stats bear out his greatness, I am a believer.  It’s not just about winning.  It’s about making people believe that they can.  Tebow is God’s quarterback and has made quite a statement in not just the NFL, but the world. 

Tebow has now become part of our lexicon. He is a proper noun as in Tim Tebow, he is a noun like “That was classic Tebow”.  He is a verb as in “Tebowing”, or more specifically, to get down on one knee and start praying, even if everyone around you is doing something different.  He is an adjective too unfortunately, as in “The Bears got Tebow-beat on Sunday”.

So even though I am a Bears fan, excuse me cause I got some Tebowing to do.