When did I become a little bit Country? I thought I was a little bit Rock and Roll! REDUX


Last night was the Grammy’s.  You could have mistaken it for the Country Music Awards.  It did have a variety of music performances, but it seemed liked Country ruled the night.  Taylor, Blake & Miranda, Dirks, Carrie, Zac Brown, Mumford, and the adorable Hunter Hayes.  Let’s face it, Country music is now Mainstream.  Love it!


They’re everywhere it seems.  Country singers.  Hot country singers.  With cool songs.  Crossover songs.  Songs on the radio.  And not just on the country channel.

I blame it on American Idol and Carrie Underwood and Kelly Pickler.  The Voice and Blake Shelton.  Dancing with the Stars and Julianna Hough.  Nashville TV show and Connie Britton and Hayden Pantiere (who knew?).  Even my main man Gavin DeGraw has a bit of a twang and some of his songs could qualify for country.  It’s everywhere.

Country music has gone mainstream.  It’s not all about pickup trucks with gun racks and I lost my wife and dog but I still got this here bottle of Jack Daniels.  This is not your father’s music.  Love is still a central theme, but it is with all genre of music.  And the twang has been toned down.  It’s still there.  It’s still recognizable.  But it is definitely not a Patsy Cline or Johnny Cash kind of country anymore.  It’s a Taylor Swift world!

Seems like there are a LOT of fresh young beautiful female country singers.  I think this is one occupation where women rule!  My first “country” CD was Shania Twain, and I am glad she is back on the radar after some tough personal issues.  But I do love the country men tho.  Some of them are hot hot hot. Luke Bryan, Chuck Wicks, Keith Urban.  You get my drift.  But NOT Scotty McCreepy.  He reminds me of a scary clown mashup of  Howdy Doody and Alfred E. Neuman.  You be the judge, lol.

The CMA’s are this week, and will draw millions of viewers.  There will be spectacular performances by great singers.  Country singers.  Beautiful singers.  They might not even be wearing a cowboy hat and boots.  But it’s ok with me if they do.  Ain’t it cool?

Who is YOUR favorite country singer?

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