The Bachelor is on Dancing With the Stars?


Wow, what a surprise!  ABC never fails to amaze me with their cookie cutter shows.  Let’s trot out a football player, boxer, Olympic athlete, ice skater, singer, soap opera actor, a Disney kid, overweight B or C lister, oh, and a Bachelor here or there.  Throw them all in the mix every season, and see who comes out on top with the coveted Mirror Ball Trophy.

dwts trophy

Keep in mind that the best dancer does not necessarily win.  It’s all about the viewer votes.  So if you are popular AND can dance, you are a shoe-in.  I love the ice skaters and gymnasts who say they have no advantage over the flat-footed C lister.  Olympic medals help.  A lot.  No matter what the sport.  Football players are popular too.  Especially ones with moves.  Basketball players?  Think Metta World Peace.  Peace out baby.

So let’s talk Bachelor.  Since Max is not on the show this year, they need another guy who is more than happy to whip off his shirt in front of screaming fans. Sean Lowe is your man.


Not sure if he has the moves yet, although his hot partner Peta seems like a good teacher.  I wonder how Catherine will like seeing Peta draped all over her man so quickly after going public with Sean?  Didn’t work out so well with Jake and Vienna, but then they were both fame whores.  I really did like Sean.  He seemed so grounded.  He was the Bachelor born again Christian/Virgin.  He comes from a solid family.  Nice looking, well-mannered.  And yes, hot.  But now let’s see.  First he was on the Bachelorette.  Then the Bachelor.  Then he announced he will let ABC pay for his wedding on TV. Now DWTS.  Hard to pass up those $$$ which can add up to big bucks on DWTS.  Kinda makes it seem like he is going down that fame whore road, no?  But nice to have that nest egg put away for their married life.  And if Sean and Catherine really DO get married, it will be a Bachelor first.  (Jason and Molly don’t count.  Molly was the runner-up.)  Not really sure how this one will play out.  They seem madly in love right now (don’t they all), but they are very different, and come from completely different backgrounds.  And could ABC please fix Catherine chicklet teeth/gummy smile before the wedding?  But, as with all Bachelor engagements, we shall see.  I fully expect to see them on the front page of People magazine shortly after DWTS is over, with the title screaming  “Bachelor Breakup!”

I am a huge fan of Reality Steve, who spoils the Bachelor/Bachelorette shows every season.  I know who wins before the show even starts.  But actually it makes it more interesting to watch, because ABC is the King of “editing” to make each season the “most exciting ever”.  Edit this girl to make her the giggly drunk.  This one to be the flirt.  That one to be the drama queen.  Gotta keep the fans entertained!

I am looking forward to DWTS.  It is a whole soap opera unto itself.  Lots of behind the scenes action, but at least the dances are live, and that can’t be edited.  Who is your favorite for the season?


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