The History Channel’s The Bible


Hmmmm.  As we Catholics are currently conclaving for a new Pope after the last one quit (and perhaps the white smoke has appeared even while writing this), I felt that I should go back to my Christian roots and watch The Bible.

Wow.  What a time in History.  So glad I was born in modern times.  The whole thing just reeks of dust and sand and sweat and sin to me.  That’s right.  I said sin.  Even the Kings of Israel sin.  Big time sins.  Mortal sins.  And here I am worried about my petty little venial sins.

I guess back in those days you had to live for the moment, because it was such a violent time.  You never knew when you might get a spear in your back, even from your King.  I have watched 4  hours of it so far, and it leaves me to wonder…..

THAT’S the Promised Land?????  Nothing but sand and rocks and hills to climb.  Where is the grass?  Where is the water?  How did these people live?  You never see anyone eating.  Drinking wine, maybe.  I guess they ate the sheep the shepards herded, but what did the sheep eat?  There is not so much as a hint of green anywhere.


These are the kind of things I wonder about when watching TV.  I’m always looking for some sense of reality.  (But not OUR kind of reality TV, lol).  I want things to make sense.  Like how come David could commit adultery and send the husband to his death and still be King? Ok, so God took his first-born son as retribution, but allowed him to produce another.  And what about all the fighting and murdering?  They decide to make Jerusalem their home base, so they have to go in and kill everybody.  Jerusalem translates loosely to City of Peace.  Ummm, not so much.  It has been fought over for centuries.

The killing thing has always bugged me.  It’s in the Ten Commandments.  THOU SHALL NOT KILL.  Oh, unless it is for religious reasons  Or fighting for your country reasons.  Which is usually related to religious conflicts.  Come to think of it, most of our wars are deeply rooted in differences in religious beliefs.  Crikey, we had HOLY wars!

So how come it is ok to kill in the name of religion?  I’m not just talking about the Christians, or Philistines, but also about the Muslims, Buddhist, etc.  Everyone thinks that THEIR religion is the only true religion.  So everyone else must agree, or die.

How come we can’t all get along?  Is it that hard?  Apparently it is.

Maybe that’s why all the Miss Universe beauty pageant contestants always answer “world peace”.

And let’s just touch briefly on Noah and the flood.  Apparently God wanted to cleanse the earth, so Noah loaded up his ark and God washed away all the evil on the earth.  Was it that much worse back then than now?  How much more evil can this world get?

Questions, questions.  All I have are questions.  If someone can answer my questions, please do!

P.S.  Late breaking news…we have a new Pope!


3 thoughts on “The History Channel’s The Bible

  1. I’m not a Catholic but am a Christian and do have trouble with the brutal nature within the old Testament… However there is so much that we take on faith as why things are the way they are or ‘were’ I have accepted that while I do not understand it was that way..And regarding David’s sin …I guess we can find hope in that because sin is sin no matter what sin it is….God can forgive it…But I didn’t meant to get into a theological discussion really…just to say that I’ve been watching The Bible also. …

    • I know that God forgave David, and that shows us that he is all loving and all forgiving. But so many people live their lives thinking they can be bad people and then say they are sorry at the end and all will be forgiven. I say, Karma’s a bitch! lol

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