Ah yes.  Do no harm.  The hypocritical hippocratic oath.  The oath basically means that a doctor shall do his best to do no harm to a patient.  That might mean not doing experimental surgery, or dangerous procedures, that he feels will do more harm than good.  (Nazi medical experiments anyone?)  The original oath states that they can’t do a Kevorkian, or perform an abortion.  It also includes language that they will share their money and knowledge freely with other doctors.

Hmmm.  Obviously the original oath has been heavily modified and modernized. I do think that the majority of doctors are moral and ethical.  However, our society has made them into robots with a 15 minute time limit per patient and a payment schedule decided by insurance companies.

Now, I’m not going to go off on a rant here about Obamacare or socialized medicine.  I just want to talk about what we should expect from our healthcare professionals.

I expect someone to listen to me, first and foremost.  I expect them to take my suggestions seriously.  I expect them to provide the best treatment plan for me, about me, and agreed up by me.  I expect full disclosure about what to expect from any medication, surgical procedure etc.  “This won’t hurt a bit” doesn’t fly with me.  Let me lay you down on the table and try it on you first.

Ultimately, we are responsible for our own health.  A doctor can’t keep track of every patient like he should, and follow-ups are YOUR responsibility in that case.   And listen up, cause this part is important…..if you don’t LIKE your doctor…..FIRE him.  They work for you.  Don’t be subjected to a doctor you feel is condescending or doesn’t listen to you.  There are certain doctors at my medical office that I do not care for.  And I make sure to avoid them like the plague.  They are just not my type.  Then I have my GI doctor, who I love with all my heart and soul, and I have literally put my life in his hands for over 20 years.  The funny thing is that we like to argue about treatment options, but we do it with love and respect for each other.  (I am always right of course!).

If you have a serious medical condition, take care of yourself.  Nobody else is gonna take care of it for you.  Align yourself with GOOD doctors that you like and respect.  Then you can have the best attitude possible and perhaps have a better outcome because of it.

Tell me about your experiences with your doctors.  I would love to hear them!


5 thoughts on “FIRST, DO NO HARM

      • Wow. Pretty much sums it up what I tell my patients. Your body is your property and you have e Rey right to ask questions, research, get a second opinion, and dare I say, refused until questions are answered. Assign 2 persons to be your voice. If possible one with a medical background. Have them keep a written log of who, what, where , when and why. Never take anything face value. Only once have I been on the other side, with my grandmother . To make a long story short they gave her medication to lower her blood pressure fast, too fast. Caused a few mini stroke. I know the signs . But they tried to convice the rest of the family she just depressed and go to a nursing home . I flew in and just before the paper work stated to xfer her. I pretty much told them, ” no, you will test for mini stroke( TIA) , no this is not died depression. One of the doctors pick up that I am a therapist from medical terms, and as you know tests where done, and yes multi strokes were found.
        Sorry for the long rant.

  1. I believe in self-care and I believe people should be able to have a positive experience with their doctor. You should be able to have first voice in your medical treatment, if your doctor does not respect or listen to you, you should quickly find one that does. I have had the same doctor for many years and I am very comfortable with him. He does listen to me and we work together to figure what would work for me when I have serious medical and minor medical concerns. It is interesting to see this post about doctors, because doctors can be insensitive to patients and that does not work for me. We have to take control over all our services and some people think that they do not have a choice, but you do!

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