Ten Years Later


Hard to believe, it’s been 10 years since we last invaded Iraq with “shock and awe”.  Ten long years.  So let’s see what has happened during those ten years:

4,500 U.S. Troops killed

32,000 wounded, many with brain/spinal injuries, and loss of limb/s

Iraqi citizens killed – hard to estimate, 100,000 to 600,000

$3 TRILLION spent

Returning vets – 9.4% unemployment, PTSD, 22 suicides a day

Now, after all of this sacrifice, I’m sure we left Iraq a better place, no?  No.  Ask the Iraqi population if their lives have changed for the better.  With a Shiite Prime Minister, there are Sunni gunmen and al Qaeda’s suicide bombers killing hundreds each week.

Now President Obama is assuring Israel that will stop Iran from making a nuke.  Really?  When does it stop?  Where does it stop?  Are we responsible for policing the entire world?  What about our own problems?  Our own national debt?  Our own starving and homeless and unemployed people?  We are self-imploding.  Ya think any other country is going to rush in and rescue us, to the tune of 3 TRILLION DOLLARS?

Well of course not, don’t be ridiculous!  That’s right.  Don’t. be. ridiculous.

You know what I think?  Que sera, sera.  Quit butting in to every other country’s business.  They will figure it out.  If they fail, they fail.  Sink or swim baby.  Third world countries have a revolution on an almost daily basis.  One day they will get it right.  For crikey sake, AMERICA has one of the most nonpartisan corrupt governments around!  We can’t even get a freakin’ budget passed!  So maybe we should just mind our own stinkin’ business, cause we sure do screw up our own country pretty well.

Ahem, ok, so, Happy Ten Year Anniversary to Iraq!




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