Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall

mirror mirrorEvery morning we look in the mirror.  We brush our teeth, comb our hair, apply make-up etc., and then we twirl around hoping we look better.  Although, dare I say, a man could go through a whole day without ever checking a mirror, lol.

Me, I have a circus mirror at home.  When I look in it, I still feel young, tall, slim, attractive.  For whatever reason, I see the person I picture in my head, not the reality.

mirror funnyAhem.  Time has not been kind to me, to say the least.  I blame the bags under my eyes and wrinkles around them to crying and blubbering over ex-husbands.  Trust me, a divorce can age you overnight, imagine crying for a year!  Don’t do it, not worth it, it wreaks havoc on your face, mind and soul!  And if you don’t want upper lip wrinkles, throw those damn cigarettes away!  They ruin a lot more than your lungs!

Love the sun, or the tanning beds?  Welcome to skin cancer and leather lizard skin.  All those old wrinkled ladies you used to make fun on the beaches of Florida?  That is you if you don’t stop.  Please don’t make me look like Tan Mom!  (Planet of the Apes, anyone?)  Use self tanners or spray instead.

tan mom

Let face it, we all age.  We have not yet found the Fountain of Youth.  We can turn back the clock somewhat with proper health and eating habits.  And there’s always plastic surgery, lol.  As Dolly Parton would say, nothing wrong with a little nip/tuck.  Personally I don’t have the funds to do that, but I have had chemical peels, microdermasion etc. as maintenance, and apply sunscreen religiously.  Just wish I had back in the day, instead of baby oil!

Sometimes, no matter what you do, you must face reality.  And sometimes, that reality sucks.



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