Russian, Iraqi, Indian…’s all Greek to me

The Boston Bombers are from Chechnya, Russia. I don’t think that really matters. I think there are people from every country in the world, including our own, that have political or mental issues that cause them to blow people up.

One of the more interesting things to me about so many criminals that do heinous acts is that their family, friends, neighbors, co-workers etc. all say that they were nice, polite normal people who they NEVER would have suspected of this. Everyone is shocked, especially the family. It isn’t until after digging deep into the person’s psyche that there were subtle hints of trouble.

How do you protect yourself against this? These kinds of people? Where do they get the guns? The suicide vests? How can they act like normal people, just walking down the sidewalk, then dropping off a backpack with a bomb in it? Then watching the horrific aftermath, all the blood and guts and death and suffering. What are they thinking then? Do they feel shame or sorrow? Are they happy about what they did? Do they maybe regret it afterwards? How could a mother or father not know what their children are not capable of? Is this political? Religious? What? What is the problem now?

I’m not sure if there are answers to any of these questions. Each person is different, and two people may be motivated by entirely different things. I do feel sorry for their families, who were either enablers, in denial, or totally clueless.

The uncle of the Russians was on TV this morning, and you could tell he was PISSED. He hadn’t seen nor associated with the family for quite a while, but regardless, those boys besmirched the family name. Think about it. What would YOU do? How would YOU feel?

I’ll tell you how I feel. I feel like all I have done is ask questions throughout this blog. I want answers, but I doubt I will get them. I doubt anybody will really get all the answers. As I said at the top of this post, it’s all Greek to me.


4 thoughts on “Russian, Iraqi, Indian…’s all Greek to me

  1. You said in your blog that the uncle was upset. But yet the father was defending his sons by asking the question,” My sons are guilty because they have a weapon on them.” Others wanted to see the evidence. Don’t you think the tapes are enough?

    • I myself think it is obvious they are guilty. The father is over in Russia, and refuses to believe the worst about his sons. The uncle didn’t seem to have a problem believing the boys were guilty. The uncle was upset because they shamed their name.

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