A & F can kiss my fat ass!


So A&F doesn’t want my business. Well guess what. I don’t want their clothing. Overpriced elitist clothing. Only for the “cool kids”. Propagated by a man who certainly is not now nor ever was a cool kid. Their website pitches them as having a history in great outdoors & East Coast Ivy League.

Mr. Michael Jeffries, their pompous CEO, was born on the WEST coast, did not attend an Ivy League school. He IS married but has a male live-in partner. He has a lot of “requirements” for his jet crew and household staff. Oh, to be a fly on the wall during one of flights!

He also holds the distinct honor of being highest paid worst performer of 2008. Apparently that helped him garner an even more lavish contract. SMH.

Luckily I don’t have kids, because no way in hell would they be wearing anything A&F. Mr. Jeffries reminds me of the school yard bully, who forces other kids into submission in order to build up his own weak ego.

Mr. Jeffries can kiss my fat ass with his puffed up lips and botoxed face. At least my physical appearance can be changed naturally. His kind can’t.


3 thoughts on “A & F can kiss my fat ass!

    • Hey Kathy, my blog posted before I was finished (slip of the fingers, lol), but yes, JCPenny has now gone back to their OLD ways cause their new ones didn’t work out so well!

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