This hip ain’t hopping yet


I  think most of you know that I had a hip replacement a couple of weeks ago.  It was not easy, it was very hard, and very painful the first week.  I had some complications with a high heart rate, and my blood sugar went thru the roof after surgery.  Then I had to have a blood transfusion.  I remember not being able to hold my own head up.  But after 5 days they sent me to rehab in another building on campus.

I only had one issue at rehab with my leg.  One day I spent a lot of time in the wheelchair working at my laptop, plus 3 therapies where I really pushed myself.  By the afternoon my leg felt really tight, and I looked down and discovered my leg was all swelled up and the incision had burst open and leaking blood etc.  (Ick, sorry).  I was really shocked because for over a week it had been dry and healing nicely.  So, the nurses and doctors came for a look-see and started antibiotics and regular dressing changes.  I was to keep my leg up as much as possible, no more dangling.

They let me go home after a week there, with prescriptions and home health care with nurses and PT’s.  The leg kept bleeding tho.  And Tuesday I had an idiot PT guy that really hurt me, and so now my hamstring, groin, thigh, everything hurts really bad, including my back.  I could just kill him.  I’m very very upset about it, because for the past year I have dealt with this pain, and it was almost all gone, and now it is all bad again.  Last night trying to find a position to sleep in with ice bags all over my lower body, I was really cussing up a storm.

By the time I went to the doctor yesterday for my follow-up, it was apparently bad enough for him to schedule surgery, for tomorrow.  If the infection reaches my prothesis, it will have to be removed.  Unbelievable.

The new hip itself is doing really good.  They took xrays and it matches in beautifully with my other hip.  As my 4 year old great niece would say, “Aunt Janet, your new leg is adorable!”

So… rehab progress has been slow, a few bumps in the road, but overall I am doing great.  Lake Forest hospital and Rehab was EXCELLENT.  This whole process has been very emotional, both mentally and physically.  Not to mention painful.  However, I am so proud of myself for working through the pain.  I was up and walking on my own within a week, doing stairs etc.

Thank you everyone, for all the prayers and good wishes.  I firmly believe it helps.  So I will put myself in God’s hands one more time tomorrow, and he will heal me.

P.S.  Please pray that when I can walk again I don’t hunt down that therapist and twist him into a pretzel and enjoy his cries of pain.




4 thoughts on “This hip ain’t hopping yet

  1. Sorry to hear you are having a hard time. You seem to have a positive attitude so that’s a plus. Prayers for a quick recovery and for the therapist to run for his life.

  2. You don’t want to mess with infection, good thing your doctor is on top of things. That is probably where alot of your pain is coming from. Infections can be very painful let alone the pressure from swelling.
    Good luck with your surgery, I am sure once they get the infection under control you will aee a big improvement with the pain also.
    Good for you bucking up and working through the pain, I know its been a long painful battle for you. Not much longer I am sure.
    Will be praying

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