4 thoughts on “My dreams haunt me….

  1. Have you thought of contacting him and just saying that he’s been on your mind alot lately and you wanted to make sure he is ok? I have found that when a person from the distant pass starts showing up in my dreams there is a reason; not neccesarily bad but something is going ob for them.
    I think that often times when people fall in love and marry there is a bond formed thst doesn’t die with the marriage. I had such a bind with my first ex and I would know if something was wrong in his life long after we split.
    I don’t know on what terms you split but maybe no matter what it is time to bury the hatchet and tell him what you just told us. That he was the good one you just didn’t know it at the time.
    You never know he might need to hear that from you right now. It doesn’t have to come across as you wanting him back; just being a mature adult who wants to give closure no matter how much time has passed. It us never too late to tell a person good things about themselves… Well yeah it can be too late…and you might regret never saying it.

    Just a thought, I’d be curious to know whats hsppening in his life.

  2. You’re so right about the unresolved issues. It’s worse when you have kids. You have to continue to deal with one another as you raise them together but apart. Some people get good at it. I started out thinking I could be one of those and tried very hard. Somewhere around the time they went to college and money issues really got ugly, I just gave up. Money and lies. They often go together. Now I never think of him unless it’s in the context of the kids.

  3. I have the same type of dreams about people who have been significant to me and are no longer in my life. Even the happy ones make me melancholy when I wake. In fact, in my last relationship (5 years) I even told him that I was careful about getting involved, because relationships can end, but the dreams stay with you forever. That relationship ended particularly badly – my heart was so badly broken I even lost my job because of depression. And the dreams haunt me still.

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