The incredible edible leg

turkeylegYep. That leg. That same leg that keeps causing me trouble.  I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry at this point.  I do have some graphic pics posted so if you don’t like blood, turn away my friend.

I had another surgery on Thursday to clean things out again.  Thought it was doing well, Not draining much, not like the last time.  Well, that was soon to change.

I had a massive bleed yesterday afternoon unexpectedly, scared the shit out of me.  My leg felt like a feast for coven of vampires.

I had been driving to the movie theatre.  My first excursion in a month!  When I got there, I got out of the car, and stood there stupidly looking at a puddle of blood on my seat.  Then I felt the drips down my leg.  I opened my pants right there in the parking lot and looked inside, and oh my…….this is what I saw:


I didn’t know what to do.  My first thought was that maybe it wasn’t so bad and I could go inside and put some paper towels on it and go see the movie.  Then I felt my side, and oh my……this is what I saw:


So now that option was gone.  I started to feel light-headed at that point, so much blood.  Should I call 911, standing here in a parking lot?  Where are the damn ER’s in Lake County?  Lake Forest Hospital was at least 45 minutes away.  Then I remembered the Vista ER in Lindenhurst by my doctor’s office.  So I got back in the car and started driving.

I called my sister.  My poor sister.  Bout gave her a heart attack, again.  She was at the Wal-Mart and said she would meet me there.  Then she called back again, wanting me to pull over in case I passed out or something.  But I am stubborn and just kept driving, I figured I could get to the ER faster than an ambulance would get to me.

So I get there and go limping in the door with my cane.  As I walked up to the counter a bunch of bloody napkins I had stuffed in my pants fell on the floor.  The receptionists called for help right away and I was taken to a room immediately.  So remember that trick next time you go to the ER, cuts down on waiting time, lol.

The nurse helped me out of my bloody clothes and into a gown.  I was more concerned with getting the white sheets all bloody than my own leg I think.  At that point my sister and Bri arrived, and Bri stood right by my side the whole time, checking on the blood.  She loves blood and guts.  We are hoping she will be a doctor when she grows up!  At 4 she is very good already!  She was upset she didn’t have her Doc McStuffins kit with her, lol.

Doc came in, took all the bandaging off, cleaned it up, put pressure on it until it stopped bleeding, rebandaged me up, and sent me on my way.  He said it was from all the build up of fluid from the surgery etc, it just decided to all come out at once.  Who knows.  It bled for awhile longer, then slowed.

So, at that point, I was hungry.  My sister, niece, Bri and I went next door to a restaurant and had some lunch, and then I drove myself home.

I did lay down and be still etc. etc.  But then the Hawks were playing last night, so I decided to go to the local pub and watch them.  I did fine, no excessive bleeding, although I was prepared this time with extra clothes and bandages in the car.

This morning things were still doing ok.  So I went to that damn movie.  Man of Steel.  I am Woman of Steel.



3 thoughts on “The incredible edible leg

  1. Holy crap! I would have been scared to death. I am not good with blood at all. Glad it wasn’t something more serious but I hope you’ll be 100% sooner rather than later. I’m sure you’re tired of all this.

  2. Holy geebus woman! I see it every now and then in rehab . Yup that does happen but not too offen. Scared none the less! Speedy recovery

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