Thank you Sir may I have another!

bend over

Seriously, I feel like I have to bend over and take whatever the government is dishing out!

I have been on the State of Illinois Pre-existing Condition Plan insurance.  It wasn’t cheap, it was a $5,000 deductible before they paid a dime, plus $350/month premium.  I joined last November, so to date I have paid $7,800 for insurance out of my pocket so far.  And I was happy to do so, as my hip replacement plus complications have run up the bill way past that.

HOWEVER.  The states have run out of money, and now are transferring everyone over to the Federal Program.  In the MIDDLE OF THE CALENDAR YEAR.  There is NO credit for any money you have paid to the state so far this year.  So basically, you start from scratch again, and may end up paying double, like me.  Lucky me.  The premiums for the federal insurance are $567/month, and the out-of-pocket is $3,125.  So for the rest of this year it will cost me and ADDITIONAL $6,527.  This year, I will have to spend $14,327 for insurance.

I’m sorry, that is so not fair.  They should have done this transition at the beginning of the calendar year, so people don’t get screwed into having to pay double.  People in this program obviously have medical problems, and this is just another burden to add to their woes.

I don’t mean to sound ungrateful.  I am trying to be a good citizen, and PAY for my medical care, and not just expect the government to take care of me for free.

I really needed this kick in the teeth this month.  So thank you.  Thank you very much.


2 thoughts on “Thank you Sir may I have another!

  1. OMG That’s ridiculous! Completely unfair and unjust. I can’t believe you have to deal with this on top of your complications. I don’t know how you do it. You are superwoman lately!!

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