That Man

grey man

I want to meet THAT man.  That man who narrows your universe down to just you and him.  Who makes you not care if you interact with another human being ever again.  Just him.  That man. He is enough.  Who is on your mind 24/7.  Who you can’t wait to see.  Who every second apart is pure agony, and every second together is pure delight.  That man.

That man who touches your heart and soul and makes them sing.  That man who eyes are the window to his soul, and yours.  That man who makes the hair on the back of your neck tingle.  And everywhere else too.  That man who makes you feel beautiful.  Every. single. day.  That man who never speaks a mean or harsh word to you.  Ever.  That man who only touches you with love and gentleness.  That man who massages your back without being asked.

That man you have been looking for all your life.  That man who maybe you HAVE already met, but it was not the time or place.  I can think of two that I though were that man, but they turned out to be NOT that man.

I think that man is out there.  I’m not sure where, or if I will ever find him.  So if you happen to find him before me, congrats.  There may be true love out there after all.


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