The Tale of Two Many Mikes

magic mike

Mike.  A simple name.  An old fashioned name that has never gone out of style.  There are a lot of Mike’s in this world.

My first Mike, who I still secretly love to this day.  My last Mike, who I wish I could love someday.  My BFF Mike, who I chat with almost every day and can’t live without (he knows all my secrets).  My old school Mike, who viewing a Hawks game without is not an option.  My boss Mike, who has become my friend besides, and has some hot dance moves.  Thank goodness most of them have nicknames.

Best I Ever Had Mike.  Best I Never Had Mike.  Russian Mike.  Hockey Mike.  Magic Mike/Mai Tai Mike.  Hunt Club Mike.  Green Bay Mike.  Miscellaneous Mikes.

I see most of these Mikes regularly.  I guess Mike is a popular name, but geez, I’m surrounded by them!  Even my favorite bottle drink is Mike’s Light!

I’m glad I have most of these Mikes in my life.  Some make my day better, some make me sad, some annoy me, but they are all there, in some capacity.

Does anyone else have a lot of one-namers in their life?


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