Sweet dreams are made of these


They say that dreams are windows to our soul.  That dreams are expressions of our deepest fears and desires.  Some say the soul leaves the body while dreaming.  Some say dreams allow fantasy, or predict the future.  Others say that dreams subconsciously continue your problems of the day into the night, and erase what it can’t fix, and dreams of ideas you can fix.   Dreams can run the gambit of emotions, the most common being anxiety, and negative emotions outweigh positive ones.

I know that most of my dreams involve chasing someone or something that is never caught.  My dreams usually start out with reuniting with something or someone that makes me very happy and to weep with joy.  But then roadblocks soon appear, that threaten to take it all away .Something or someone always gets in the way.  I am thwarted at every turn.  Mine are always melancholy, usually I will awake with great sadness and tears.  I think it is my subconscious trying to relive my life the way it should have been, not the way it was.  But something always spoil it.

I know when I was taking Chantix to quit smoking years ago, I experienced the best dreams of my life.  Vivid, colorful, like a 3D movie, that could be replayed over and over again.  I could wake up, and realize what a cool dream I was having, and go right to sleep and continue on.  Like replay and pause.  The next night, I could scroll through the list of movies like On Demand, and press play on whatever dream I wanted.  The Chantix took 2 days for me to quit smoking, but I kept taking it for the full month, just for the dreams!  Those were happy dreams, ones that I would like to keep repeating.

My melancholy dreams seem to repeat themselves instead.  And come on people, I have NEVER EVER in my life had more than a PG 13 dream!  I mean really!  That’s taking the good Catholic girl routine a LITTLE too far, lol.

What do YOU dream about?  Please tell me, I would like to know!

The Kennedy’s Camelot – Redux

Since it is the 50th anniversary of JFK’s assassination, I have revived this blog post.

There has been a lot of buzz this week about Jacqueline Kennedy this week, and the 8 hours of taped interviews she did, only 4 months after the assassination of her husband.  First off, apparently we have been mispronouncing her name all these years!  We need to put the french twist on it, which is actually very beautiful.  Jacqueline was indeed a very beautiful woman.  Which, I believe, was her initial asset to JFK and the presidency.  Women all over the world fell in love with her bouffant hair, pill box hats, and breathy voice.  I’m sure the men did too.  Sometimes, in my opinion only, she seemed a bit simple and simpering in her early years.  Naive about the ways of the world.

In her interview, she states that women were too emotional to be President.  It was apparent that she was madly in love with her husband and children and it was her job to keep the family running.  I think this was typical of the era in which she lived.  She filled the White House with the shrieks and laughter of children, and made it her home.  She says those were the best years, the Camelot years.

She was also quite vocal in her dislikes of certain other politicians and foreign dignitaries, some of which gave me a chuckle, especially her opinion of Russian women.  I wonder what Jacqueline would think of Hillary, Sarah and Michelle today.

When JFK was assassinated, right in front of her, was when Jacqueline became the strong woman she was for the rest of her life.  She was strong, stoic, and silent in her suffering.  I think she surprised us all.  Underneath the pretty exterior and soft voice was a tough cookie.  Over time she became a woman to be admired, for more than just her style.  She raised two very fine children, and had her own career, with the words she loved.

Many people tried to tear down the idea of Camelot.  The Kennedy’s have had their fair share of scandals, and life was perhaps not as idyllic as it seemed.  Who knows what JFK’s presidential legacy would have been had it not been cut short.

In the interviews with her daughter, Caroline, they gently gloss over the idea of infidelity on JFK’s part.  Caroline simply states that her mother loved her father, and that she knew, at the end of the day, that he loved her too. Caroline is much like her mother.  It seems she has escaped the Kennedy curse, and I hope she lives a long and happy life.  Some of the Kennedy men have not been so lucky.

Mixed up Reality TV



I was watching The Biggest Loser (TBL) last night.  And Survivor (S) tonight.  And I thought, hmmm…..maybe we should switch things up.

The people on TBL have a problem with eating too much.  The people on S have a problem with not getting enough to eat.

TBL has people on a strict diet, but they can fall off the wagon.  The people on S are on a strict diet, but they have no choice.  There is limited food for everyone.

TBL winner typically loses a shit load of weight over a fairly long period of time (12-18 weeks, depending upon who you talk to.  And those people are not losing mostly fat, they are on a starvation diet and exercise 6 hours a day).  The people on S all lose weight, and most are skinny to start with.  Ribs start showing, girls just seem to disappear right before our eyes!  It’s a quicker weight loss, a little over a month, but not as drastic.  Most contestants lose 10-20 pounds, and when you see them at the finale months after the show ended they still look pretty good.

What show is better?  TBL offers a trainer and a lot of support, but unrealistic goals and diet restrictions.  Contestants intentionally dehydrate themselves for weigh-ins and put themselves in danger.  Also, the “weekly weigh-ins” are typically not over a week’s time, but usually 10-14 days.  Just because the show is weekly, doesn’t mean the weigh-ins are!  Many behind the scenes manipulations are going on.

S on the other hand is more of a mind game, even though there are physical challenges.  Most people break down because of their minds, not their bodies.  The weight loss makes them look lean and mean.  Because they are not intentionally trying to lose weight, it is done more naturally.  They usually come into the game in good shape.  Haven’t seen a 400 pound S contestant yet.  Might be interesting to see how they would fare.  But a lot of the challenges involve holding your weight up, so the lighter folks have the advantage there.

Also, I think there is more crying on TBL.  Emotions come into play every day.  Most people are overweight due to issues/emotions they must overcome.  The people on S seem more steely strong mentally.  Physically too.

It might be fun to switch the games up for a week or two, and see how the contestants fare.  I think the people from TBL would have a much harder time being survivors, than the people on S would have on TBL.

What do you think?

There’s a reason why you should never take candy from a stranger…..

Because if you do, you might end up being the butt of a joke on Jimmy Kimmel.  He has parents film their kids while telling them they ate all of their Halloween candy and putting it on YouTube.  Some of the reactions are funny.  Most of them appall me.  If my kid screamed and cried and threw a huge tantrum and threw things at me and said he hated me, that would be the last piece of candy they would have for a while!  And what a way to humiliate/damage your child.  Take him out trick or treating, and then take it away.  What kind of lesson is that for a child?


So both parties are acting badly.  The parent for starting it, and the child for reacting poorly.  It’s all about me me me for the kid, who doesn’t understand how to act when he doesn’t get his way.  The way they talk to their parents disgusts me.  They show no respect.  Granted, the parent is doing a mean thing.  But sometimes parents have to do “mean things” for the welfare of the child.  Should the child react with a temper tantrum and hatred?  Is that what you have taught him?  Then you need to go back to school.

And is it really “mean”?  What about funny?  Is it funny to tease your child?  I think it could be, if your child knows you would really never do him any real harm.  I mean, it IS candy, which most parents don’t like their child to have anyway.  So if a parent took away the candy, should the child understand?  Should they throw a tantrum?

I think maybe a little tantrum would be in order, depending upon the age of the child.  After all, as one kid pointed out, he worked HARD for that candy.  It is HIS.  And on that point, I agree!

What I don’t agree with is a kid telling his parents he HATES them and having a total hissy fit.  That is NOT ok with me.  It’s not ok to do that.  But if kids do it all the time, and the parents don’t correct the behavior, it will continue.

Parents are responsible for molding their children into good people.  People who can take the good AND the bad, and act appropriately.  Children that don’t know how to act will not be successful in controlling their emotions throughout their lives.

I used to think my mom and dad were mean.  My mom used to say all time that “children should be seen and not heard”.  Boy, she should see what today’s children are like!  They run the family.  The parents are at their beck and call.  There are so many times that I am in a situation that I feel should be only adults, but the children are there, hanging on their parents, interrupting all the time, and hearing things and language that aren’t meant for them.  Now that I am an adult, I am glad my mom and dad were mean.  They were actually raising me to know my place, and give respect to my elders, not sass them and run the show.

So, when I see the YouTube videos of children behaving badly, I really do blame the parents.  And I am SO grateful that I am not a school teacher, as I had originally planned!  Imagine having to deal with that all day long, and not be able to do a damn thing about it!