Sweet dreams are made of these


They say that dreams are windows to our soul.  That dreams are expressions of our deepest fears and desires.  Some say the soul leaves the body while dreaming.  Some say dreams allow fantasy, or predict the future.  Others say that dreams subconsciously continue your problems of the day into the night, and erase what it can’t fix, and dreams of ideas you can fix.   Dreams can run the gambit of emotions, the most common being anxiety, and negative emotions outweigh positive ones.

I know that most of my dreams involve chasing someone or something that is never caught.  My dreams usually start out with reuniting with something or someone that makes me very happy and to weep with joy.  But then roadblocks soon appear, that threaten to take it all away .Something or someone always gets in the way.  I am thwarted at every turn.  Mine are always melancholy, usually I will awake with great sadness and tears.  I think it is my subconscious trying to relive my life the way it should have been, not the way it was.  But something always spoil it.

I know when I was taking Chantix to quit smoking years ago, I experienced the best dreams of my life.  Vivid, colorful, like a 3D movie, that could be replayed over and over again.  I could wake up, and realize what a cool dream I was having, and go right to sleep and continue on.  Like replay and pause.  The next night, I could scroll through the list of movies like On Demand, and press play on whatever dream I wanted.  The Chantix took 2 days for me to quit smoking, but I kept taking it for the full month, just for the dreams!  Those were happy dreams, ones that I would like to keep repeating.

My melancholy dreams seem to repeat themselves instead.  And come on people, I have NEVER EVER in my life had more than a PG 13 dream!  I mean really!  That’s taking the good Catholic girl routine a LITTLE too far, lol.

What do YOU dream about?  Please tell me, I would like to know!

2 thoughts on “Sweet dreams are made of these

  1. I’ve had all those emotionally-triggered dreams and some that were triggered by subconscious suggestion (like when I dreamed we were moving to a new country when I was 12. My parents’ discussions after we were all in bed must have infiltrated my dreams. I wasn’t surprised when we moved the States later that year.) But Jan, just the other night I had the best Gavin dream — no, not that way. We were just having a serious talk about something and it was so real and genuine. Not sure what we were talking about … I hope this one comes true someday too.

    • Oh Kath, I really do think Gavin would do a sit down with people like us! Besides being hot, he seems to be a very genuine person, and does have the gift of gab! lol Here’s hoping you get a repeat on that dream!

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