She – Part 1

waking up

She woke up in sweat, again, aware of the vivid dream she tried desperately to hold onto.  She knew it would fade into oblivion soon, just like all the others.  She debated waking up fully and trying to write it down, or to just sink back into sleep, back into the dream.  She chose the latter, the pull was too strong.  Her heart and soul was in that dream, and she was determined to reach the end this time.  Every dream always ended right before she could make things right, make things happen the way they should have.  Even though each dream was a little different, the result was always the same.  She was back where she was before, before everything went wrong.  She had a second chance to make things right, if only she could fix it before she woke up.  She always woke up too soon…..

Even though the details of each dream would slowly fade away the next morning, each day when she awoke she was so filled with hope that her dream was the reality, and her reality was just the dream.  Otherwise, how could she have ended up this way?  How could she have messed up so bad?  Where did it all go wrong?  Why couldn’t she stop it?

But reality would indeed sink in within minutes if not seconds.  She would blink away the sleep, and along with it the hope and happiness that occurred in the few moments between sleep and wakefulness.  Sighing, she would get up to start another day.

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