She – Door #1


She gets out of bed to start a new day. A day that is different from what it should be. How did she end up here?

She ponders on her situation for a little while. Life has so many doors to choose from. It’s almost like a game show, but with long lasting consequences. Door #1, Door #2 or Door #3. Pick one. And if you want to, you can choose a different one. It may or may not be better. That is the consequence.

She thinks her first door was back in college. The fact that she went to college at all was a miracle. She was the first one in the family. Even her mother said that women just need to learn how to be a good secretary. But she didn’t want to be a secretary. She wanted her own secretary.

So she was on her own in college, working to pay for school. In fact sometimes she worked instead of going to class, which was ironic. She also had a lot of fun, for the first time in her life. But being on her own was a double-edge sword. Yes, she was free and could do what she wanted. But sometimes she didn’t do the most important things. Sometimes she put fun and working ahead of class. Good thing she was so smart 😉

It was hard going to college.  Many times she stayed at school instead of going home for breaks, so she could work.  Most of her college friends/sorority sisters went to Florida or on ski vacations with their families.  They were the ones who called their Daddies every week to deposit more money in their checking account.  She just stayed in an empty house and went to work every day.

She wanted to be a teacher. The only bad part about that was the student teaching requirement. You got to write down three cities of choice. She got her third choice, chicagoland. However, it was very south and very dangerous chicagoland. Her parents wouldn’t let her go. So she gave up her dream of being a teacher 😦 and decided on business, which was more practical.  It would serve her well in the future.

She was glad she went to college.  She was glad she stuck with Door #1.



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