She – Don’t Open That Door!


After Door #4, she was having a great time, enjoying the single life. She was out with friends all the time. One Friday afternoon, she went to the racetrack with her girlfriend, and they went out for Happy Hour drinks and appetizers afterwards. It was a beautiful spring day, and the bar was crowded with TGIFers glad to be out of work having a cocktail. She and her girlfriend were having a great time mingling with all sorts of new, fun people.

And then she saw him from across the room. Tall. Dark. Handsome. Their eyes locked, and she felt their magnetic pull and synapses sparking with energy. They gravitated to each other, and when he touched her arm, she shivered in anticipation. She doesn’t remember much of anything that was said the next few hours. It went by so fast. They sat with hands clasped and heads close, just talking. And talking. It was magic. It was perfect. Just when she was not looking for love, it came and hit her like a wrecking ball. She could see Door #5, and it looked perfect. It was FINALLY her time!

They both were smitten. Severely smitten. It was fate.  It was serendipity.  It was all that sappy stuff.  They talked of long-term plans. She felt as though she had known him forever. They talked of their families. And then….wait for it….BOOM. The shoe dropped. He asked her about her last name. She said it was her married name. He said, wow, what a small world, my sister married someone with the same last name! And there it was. The punch in the gut. A connection of the worst sort. His sister and her ex. How could the world be so cruel?

She stood up quickly, as tears burst from her eyes. She flung open Door #5 and started to run out. He caught her and said no, no, no, it will all work out, we can do this! It’s only family. We don’t have to see them, we can live our own lives, I can’t lose you! She looked at him sadly, with tears streaming down my cheeks, and said it would never work. He said please, we can just date for a while and see what happens. She said no, I already love you, it would be too hard to give you up. And I would indeed have to give you up. You are close to your family, you love your sister. I cannot take that away from you.

She went to find her girlfriend, so they could leave. He followed with her, begging and pleading with her. Her girlfriend was quite concerned, and hustled her out quickly, thinking he was stalking her or something. She cried all the way home, telling her friend the whole sad tale. Even her friend was shocked at the turn of events.

For days she was in a daze. In a fit of anger, she SLAMMED Door #5 shut behind her, and stalked away.


2 thoughts on “She – Don’t Open That Door!

  1. Why did the extremely bad luck of this guy’s connections mean that much? Just because your ex left you doesn’t mean that his sister’s ex is a bad guy. If anything, the fact that he’s not with the blood relative of your ex may mean good things. Both your ex and his sister ended up single.

    Did you ever speak to him again?

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