She – Door #4


Door #3 had been forced upon her.  She slammed it behind her.  She had to move on.  She thought she was old, but she was only 30.  There was a lot of life left to be had.  And she was older, wiser, smarter.  She would be careful of doors from now on.

She dried her tears, and sucked up her fears.  Her friends rallied around her, and kept her busy.  Almost right away, she met a man.  A new man.  A tall, handsome man.  One who pursued her with a passion, and was also recently divorced.  They became inseparable, almost immediately.

What a red flag, eh?  Can you say rebound love?  Whatever it was, it shined bright.  Hot blinding love light.  Do you know what happens to hot blinding love light?  It burns out quickly.

So once again, in a heartbeat, she was heart broken again.  She couldn’t believe it.  Just when she thought she was getting back into the game, the game changed once again.

Now, she decided, she wasn’t going to play by THEIR rules.  She was going to play by HER rules.  Hardened her heart.  Swallowed her tears.  (I feel a song breaking out…there truly is a song for everything!)

She became a social whirlwind.  Didn’t really date so much as just party with the group.  She had a GREAT group of friends, and they worked hard and played hard.  They were her new family.  They are still great friends today.

She slowly healed back up again, although a broken heart never really fully heals.  There are still cracks left behind.

She still saw her heart breaker throughout the years.  Their story would continue for years, with many ups and downs.  Their story has mostly likely come to an end.  Situations changes, people move on.  But he will always be in her heart.  He wasn’t her first love, but was her longest.

Door #4 was now closed.


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