One Mike down……

goodbyeThis week I said goodbye to one of my Mikes.  Grandpa Mike, to be exact.  The old neighbor, lives 5 hours away, Mike.

I don’t think he was too upset.  At least not yet.  He had just gotten home from a couple months in Texas visiting his daughter and granddaughter, and was over at his buddy’s.  When I called him to tell him the good news, I could tell he had been drinking.  Heavily.  He spoke with that careful “try not to slur” speech, and I don’t think he really thought I was serious.  He was kind of condescending to me, and said why we think it over for a little while and we’ll talk later.

That was over a day ago.  I’m not sure if he even remembers that I called him.  But no matter.  I had already decided over the holidays it was time to cut him loose from the herd.  He just didn’t make the cut.

There are a lot of reasons why I made this decision.  None of them make him the bad guy, at all.  I think at one point he was ready to make a life long commitment to me, and I was the one who backed off.  Plus I think he is going to move permanently to Texas.  But, he’s all Duck Dynasty, and I’m just Dynasty.  Period.

So, I’m not sure if he knows it’s OVER, but it’s over and out!

P.S.  Sure there are things I will miss about him….like his Costco membership!  lol


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