Pull up your pants!

baggypantsThis picture was posted on Facebook.  This trend has been around for a while now, and I sure don’t understand it.  Why would anybody want to walk around like that?  Although they shuffle more than walk.

Maybe they don’t realize how this trend started in the first place.  If they did, they would pull up their pants REALLY FAST!  This way of wearing your pants, called sagging, originates from jailhouse fashion that signifies you are someone else’s property, and it makes it easier to be “available” to them when the mood strikes.  Seriously.

And how stupid, anyway, if you want to be all bad ass and gangsta, you’re not going to get too far running from the cops in sagging pants and untied shoes!

Some day they are going to look back on all this, and their kids are going to ask them why they went around half-dressed all the time, and hopefully they will realize how ridiculous they looked.  Just like us baby boomers in the 70’s, ha!

We may have worn hip huggers and crop tops, but we weren’t shuffling along like a grandpa in our saggy pants.

So unless you’re a grandpa or a jailhouse bitch, pull up your pants!  Ain’t nothing there I want to see!


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