All those in favor of deporting the Biebs…….

biebMothers, hide your daughters.  The Biebs is up to no good again.

He is back in his home country of Canada, and facing assault charges for a dust up with a limo driver.  He apparently is turning himself in to be booked and given a citation.  Unlike his Miami incidence of resisting arrest earlier this month for drag racing and DUI.  Oh, and driving without a license.  Oh, and his dad was with him. And he told the police that he was smoking dope all night at the studio, and that that his MOM gave him prescription drugs.  Bieber told police he didn’t know what they were but they were for treatment of anxiety.

“Well, my mom takes care of all that stuff for me,” he said, according to the report.
Here’s his mug shot…….

What has happened to our little Biebs?  He was such a cute little fresh faced boy….


Now he’s all saggy pants (see my previous blog post tattoed, bad ass, and dare I say spoiled little rich kid?

I really can’t decide if I like his saggy pants look, or diaper look better…..

Wait, a back shot is better to see the diaper effect….

In fact, his pants are such an impediment, his bodyguards have to pick him up…..

From all you mom’s of teenage daughters out there, is Biebs still the object of the affection? Just curious, I feel like I am watching another melt down of a famous person, ala Britney Spears or Lindsay Lohan. I wish him the best, and hope he straightens his life out.


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