So then I laughed so hard I almost passed out!


It’s true.  It’s  a real problem here in America.  People laughing so hard they pass out.  Sometimes it’s hard to tell if they are laughing or crying.  Or both.

People, it has happened to me.  Often.  And it’s no laughing matter.

If it happens at home, it’s only my cats I have to worry about seeing me.  When it happens in public, my laughing starts off a chain reaction that keeps circling back around to me, and makes me laugh even more, until no sound comes out, and no breathing either.  I just shake uncontrollably, until I almost pass out, and then finally I take a breath, and start all over.  You know, like a crying baby who holds their breath.  Whew.

It’s not an easy thing.  The next day, I will have sore stomach muscles.  It is a very intense workout.

Also, it is contagious.  To myself.  Once I start laughing, it’s hard for me to stop for very long.

It happened to me tonight, for over an hour.  An hour of The Best of Jimmy Fallon will do that to you.  I will never be the same again.  I am so glad I was alone.  Except for the cats.  The poor cats.  I’ll most likely be sleeping alone tonight.

But it really wasn’t my fault.  Jimmy Fallon is insanely talented, and him and Justin Timberlake doing #hashtag?  Comedic genius.  Sometimes I think JT is wasted as a singer.  And sometimes I think JF is wasted as a talk show host.  They both could be singers, dancers, actors….anything.  A N Y T H I N G.

Anyway.  Before JF, it happened to me at the Nail Salon.  I was getting a pedicure, and I warned the girl to massage my feet BEFORE she started scrubbing them.  She just bobbed her head up and down and got busy scrubbing my feet.  I feel bad, but it was her fault my leg might have kicked her in the head, prompting gales of laughter from this girl.  Pretty soon the whole salon was joining in.  And, well, I have previously explained what happens then.  It wasn’t pretty.  I could have drowned.



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