Kitty Condo Conundrum

kitty condo

There’s trouble in Paradise. In the kitty condo, pictured above.

When I first got the condo, both cats were ecstatic. They had a snuggle place all to themselves, instead of sharing momma’s bed.
cat nap

They slept in their condo together every night, and sometimes for their afternoon cat nap. There was always a cat or two in there.

Then something happened. Neither one will go in there. Not even for treats or catnip.

At first I thought maybe it was dirty or something, so I washed the removable bed pad. Nope, it wasn’t that.

So it must have been a cat fight. A real doozy. Neither one of them are talking about it, so I’m afraid to ask. I notice they have been sleping on separate sides of my bed. Ozzy on the left, under the covers with Momma. Izzy on the right, typically on top of my hip. Things were definitely a little chilly, and it wasn’t about the Polar Vortex.

I went right to the source, and asked each of them what happened.  They’re not talking.

I have noticed a bit of a warm-up between them lately, and they are now snuggling together for their afternoon naps. I hope eventually they will wander back into their condo. It’s so cute.

Plus, Momma paid good money for that condo!

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