Olympic skiing brings back my Franz Klammer memories….


I skied the same downhill course as Franz Klammer.

No really. His last World Cup race was in Aspen Colorado. I skied the same hill shortly thereafter. (It took me a lot longer).

I loved watching Franz Klammer ski. He reminded me of myself, out of control and on the verge disaster most of the time. When he took Olympic Gold at Innsbruck in 1976, I was his biggest fan. He was awesome, and fearless on that downhill. Every second you expected him to fall. Probably he did too, lol. The following year, his brother would be severely injured in a ski accident, and left in a wheelchair. But Franz never gave up. It was his wild, edge of disaster ski-style that led him to many victories over many more technically advanced skiers.  It actually took a lot of control to ski that out of control!

My skiing days are over but I still appreciate watching a good Olympic run. The downhill still gives me chills. The moguls give me heart palpitations. And the new slope style is awesome!  I love the brash devil-may-care attitude!

The younger generation is all about snow boarding, and I do love watching it.  The half pipe is coming up, and I sure hope “old man” Shawn White can triumph again!  Love his new hair cut, but miss the red hair flying out behind him!

Good luck to all the USA skiers, bring back medals, but stay safe!