How to get away with murder

oscarNo, I’m not talking about the new hit TV show on ABC.  I’m talking about Oscar Pistorius.

Oh Oscar.  How you amazed us all with your strength and courage as the Blade Runner.  Then how you amazed us all on how you murdered your girlfriend.

You may not agree with me on that.  That is your choice, and your opinion.  And the judge did not convict him of cold blooded murder, merely “manslaughter”.

Now, I don’t think Oscar woke up that morning intending to kill Reeva on that night.  But I do think that Oscar 1) had a bad temper 2) liked guns and 3) had a fight with his girlfriend.  I think Reeva ran into that bathroom and locked the door because she was afraid of Oscar that night.  I think Oscar got his gun and shot through that door, killing Reeva.  I think Oscar must have known he will kill her, if not wound her grievously.  He did both.  She was shot 3 times, with maximum damage bullets.  Read the court document on the gunshots and the damage they did to Reeva.  It’s not pretty.  The bathroom was just the toilet area, and very small.  Reeva didn’t stand a chance of hiding from Oscar’s gun.

Was Oscar sorry afterwards?  Yes, I think he was.  Desperately sorry.  I cannot imagine trying to live with yourself after committing an act like that, whether on purpose or in the heat of the moment.

The judge sentenced him today to 5 years in prison, could be out in 10 months.  I think he got away with murder.  He intended to kill her when he shot through that door with his lethal Black Talon bullets.  10 months is nothing compared to ending Reeva’s life in her prime.  But I don’t think it matters whether it is 10 months or 10 years.  Oscar will have to live with the aftermath of his actions forever.  I hope he never picks up a gun again.  I hope he gets anger management help.  I hope he atones for his sins.

Most of all, I hope Reeva’s family can get on with their lives now.  Whether or not they feel that justice has been fully served, it must be a relief to have it over.  My thoughts and prayers are with her family.

What is your worst nightmare?

sickPeople all have “worst case” scenarios running through their minds at times.  At least I do.  I’m so careful about things.  I try to be an optimist, but so many times, I am disappointed.

Like now.  My hip is infected.  Again.  That’s right folks.  Just like before.  Although this time I had 3 months infection free after the revision surgery.  Yay for me!  But now….

My worst nightmare has come true.

The sad thing is that I wasn’t surprised.

Prayers are greatly appreciated.  Again.

Thank you so much.  I have nothing more to say.