The “science” of Tom Cruise


Tom Cruise is in the news again.

No, not because of Scientology, or a new woman.  Because he is simply stunt-awesome.

Whatever he may be, or what people think of him, you cannot disagree with the fact that the man is an a great actor, with a legacy of doing all his own stunt work.  In Mission Impossible he has hung from cliff ledges, run down the tallest building in the world, and now?  Now is hanging horizontally from a military airplane at 5,000 feet.

The man IS impossible.  He is PERFECT for these roles.  Maverick in Top Gun? Joel in Risky Business?  Flanagan in Cocktail?  Jerry McQuire?  Ethan Hunt in all the MI movies?  Just a few of my personal favs.

He has had some rough times.  Married and divorced 3 times.  Jumping on Oprah’s couch.  Outspoken about Scientology.  I was really sad when things didn’t work out for him and Katie.  Their little girl Suri is so cute.  I understand that Katie didn’t want Scientology for Suri.  I blame Scientology for a lot of his problems.  But, he is entitled to his own religious convictions.

But the science of being a great actor?  He has that down pat.  In spades.  He has charm, personality, and a huge presence (that makes up in part for his short height, lol).  And that smile.  Killer.

Welcome back Ethan Hunt.  And Tom Cruise.


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