Lessons from Ferguson

Listen.  I’m not going to get into a political debate, or race debate, or right or wrong debate.  I think enough time has now passed to post this blog, which I started as soon as I heard the decision, which started a whole shit storm reaction.

But let me just say this.  If a cop tells me to do something, I’m going to do it.  If he tells me to jump, I’ll say how high.  If he tell me to put my hands up, they are going up.  If he tells me to get down, I’m getting down.  In fact I might do that all that, without even being told.


I don’t care if you are white, black, purple, red or yellow.  You respect the badge.  In fact, you should fear the badge.  I am a white woman who has never been arrested.  Yet I would never jeopardize myself in ways that disrespect others.

A cop (or a soldier, for that matter) has only an instant in time to decide whether you are a good guy or a bad guy.  If you make ANY KIND OF DUMB ASS MOVE, it’s your own damn fault if you pay for it with your life.  If you chose to play around with a toy gun, that has its safety marking removed, you will pay for that mistake too.  If you start shooting off your mouth, or make threatening moves, once again, you are responsible for your mistake, and may pay for it with your life.

A cop leaves for work every day wondering if it will be his last.  A routine traffic stop.  A defiant kid.  A car chase.  Any kind of altercation, can end in tragedy.

Is it the cop’s fault?  Unless you can put yourself into his shoes, at that exact moment, you will never know.  Hesitate, and it might be your last moment on earth.  You face life and death every day.  That’s why they go through extensive training.

Yes, there are cases of abuse from cops.  It is caught on the dash cams frequently enough.  Not every cop is posing for holy pictures.  But who knows what that cop has seen, what he has been through.  That’s why I say, don’t give anyone reason to harm you.  Don’t talk back, keep your mouth shut, let it get sorted out.

Every white cop that shoots a black kid is going to be under scrutiny.  Unfortunately, many cops are white, and in many criminals areas, the perps/criminals/unsubs/ are black.  It’s a fact of life people.

Truthfully, I have no idea why anybody would want to be a cop anymore, especially in racially tense areas.  Sometimes, no matter they do, it is wrong.  If they shoot someone, they are wrong.  If they don’t and they get shot, they are dead.  So tell me the truth right now….would YOU want to be a cop in Ferguson right now?  Or any myriad of cities around the country?

Policeman, firemen, soldiers.  All put their lives on the line, for their city, for their state, for their country.  They have very dangerous occupations.  They are there to help make our lives safer.

When you have to send in police wearing military gear to quell riots, you are putting everyone at risk.  Violence begets violence.  The cycle has to be broken.  I don’t know how.  I don’t have the answers.  But I do know that the way to respect a dead child is NOT to loot stores and come home with new electronics, and then burn your neighborhood down!  Many of the stores were owned by local black people who worked all their lives to have something of their own, and now it is gone.

Everybody has an opinion.  Everybody is entitled to one.  But sort the facts out first.  Don’t jump to conclusions.  Examine your own motives.  Search your own soul.  If we all did that, maybe another Ferguson won’t happen.



2 thoughts on “Lessons from Ferguson

  1. Well said Janet. I worry everyday Ned leaves the house for work. I never miss a chance to tell him I love him because I know it might be the last chance. He has made a life choice to serve and protect and I’m so very proud of this.

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