No Thanks

I went to Wal-mart today to get a few items.  I was in line behind an older woman.  She was trying to stretch over the cart to reach things, so I stepped up to help her.

I smiled at her and said, “Boy it’s really hard to reach this stuff sometimes!”  She gave me an ice cold smile back and said “Thanks, I’ll get it myself”.  I was in the process of handing her some stuff, and when I looked up after hearing that, and saw her ice cold eyes, I immediately dropped the item back in her cart, and walked back to my own cart.  She never looked back at me once.  The cashier gave me a quick look like geez, what’s up with that?

I was just trying to help her.  I help people at the Wal-mart all the time.  Heck, I even loaded up all my ex in-laws groceries for them one time.  Even though I have problems with my hip myself, as long as I can walk, I will help people.  If I see an elderly person emptying their cart into their trunk, I help.  I take their cart back.  I try to smile at the store clerks working there, many of whom are elderly people just trying to make it with their minimum wage job.  Heck, we’re all in this together, right?

I don’t know why that lady didn’t want me to help her.  For a minute I thought maybe she had something embarrassing in her cart, but she didn’t.  She didn’t look like a mean old lady.  Maybe she just doesn’t like people touching her stuff.  But wow, did she have a look!

Next time I guess I will ask first!