Could YOU live in a tiny house?

tiny house1Quite truthfully, I am DONE with living with STUFF.  Stuff, stuff, everywhere.  Stuff I don’t want, stuff I don’t need.  Stuff that just needs dusting, washing, cleaning, storing, rinse and repeat.

I would be happy with a comfy chair, my laptop, my tablet to read books on, my king size sleep number air bed, a small kitchen, and bathroom with a soaking tub and stackable washer/dryer.  That’s it.  I don’t need china, crystal, dining room sets, living rooms, extra bedrooms and bathrooms.  And stairs.  I don’t need stairs.

tiny house2This bedroom would be perfect.  No stairs.  But most tiny house do have a loft bedroom, which can be quite stunning!

tiny house7

They can also have nice bathtubs!

tiny house3The best part is that you can live wherever you want!  Just hook up your house to your truck, and off you go!

tiny house5I think I could be very happy living in a tiny house.  Especially one like this.  Very cottage like, very homey, very low maintenance.

tiny house6I love this tiny house!

I could love this one too….

tiny house8




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