I’m NOT leaving on a jet plane….


At least not in Asia.

But at least they found THIS plane.  I find it very disturbing when they can’t find a trace of a plane full of people, like the Malaysian flight.  Or when a plane goes down for no apparent reason.  And they weren’t even over the Bermuda Triangle!

Which leaves me to wonder what is happening.  Before they found the remains of Air Asia, I was seriously contemplating a mini-rapture, or aliens, or terrorists, or some conspiracy at the very least.  I think I watch too much TV!

I’m sure we’ll see some of these theories on some TV eventually.  Could just be plain old bad luck.  I know we can be killed in any number of ways during our regular routines every day.

Seriously though, it is stressful enough to fly nowadays, without having to worry whether or not your plane will just disappear.  Or crash into an ocean, never to be seen or heard from again.

I REALLY would like to hear YOUR ideas on what has been happening.

Lost, anyone?


1 thought on “I’m NOT leaving on a jet plane….

  1. I think some of it may be that we are flying more planes, with more people, to more places, than we ever have before, and the odds of catastrophes like this will logically increase. I also think we may have outgrown our britches. Just because we have the technology to pack people in planes and fly for hours over deep oceans does not mean we should.

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