It’s all fun and games until somebody gets hurt….

I don’t even want to post a picture about this subject.  I don’t even really want to post about this subject.  I don’t even want to THINK about this subject.  However, this has really been bothering me for a long time, and writing about it is what I do to express those feelings.

Today was the second time in the past few days I have the seen the previews for Fast and Furious 7.  Starring Paul Walker.  At least in the first part of the film.  Paul Walker was killed during a break in filming, in a horrific fiery car crash in a Porsche driven by his friend and partner.  They went for a spin, a joyride, at a high rate of speed.  They ended up wrapped around a tree.  Paul was 40 years old.

So why does this bother me so much?  A couple of reasons.  First, the way he died.  Fast and furious.  Live fast, die young, right?  Tell that to his family, his daughter.  My great niece lost her father in a car crash too.  It was very tragic too, had some similarities.  He was only 25.  So I guess I am more sensitive.


What I am going to say next might not sit well with some people, so you can stop reading here if you want.


Someone posted a video online that they had taken of the scene.  They were in car across the street and saw everything.  The video is very disturbing.  The car exploded into a huge fireball after it hit the tree.  They were filming the whole thing, and they started to exclaim that they could see someone from the passenger side flailing and trying to escape the flames.  I swear to God that I re-watched that video many times and saw the same thing.  I saw it before they even said they saw it, so it was not the power of suggestion.  I could hardly breathe, watching it.  I kept thinking he was going to get away.  But of course he didn’t.  It most likely wasn’t him.  Investigative reports have claimed it was a piece of the hood, not a person.  Autopsy reports say the driver died immediately, and Paul seconds later.  Traumatic and “thermal” injuries.  What a horrible way to die.

So ok, Paul Walker died in a fiery car crash.  We all know that.  So why am I still bothered by it?

I think because of the movie.  These Fast and Furious movies are fun entertainment, the stunts are incredible, they drive fast and live hard.  Of course there are a lot of car crashes etc.

But it’s a movie.  People get killed in movies all the time.  It’s not real.  Do we even give a second thought to all the carnage left behind in some movies?  No, not really.  At least I don’t.  Unless it is specifically a movie about someone dying that pulls at our heart strings, like The Fault in our Stars, Terms of Endearment, that kind of stuff.  Or a dog.  Please don’t kill the dog.  Just ask anyone.

However, in this case it is life imitating art.  The real person dies, just like people in the movies, driving fast and furious.  So my question is……do we go on?  Continue with the movie?  Release the movie, which is the kind of movie that might encourage young people to….oh I don’t know….drive fast and furious?  Which may endanger their own lives?  Their REAL lives?

I know people will say, it’s just a movie.  But what are we saying by showing this movie, after his death?  Every time I see his face on screen, driving fast and furious, I can only think of how he died..  It has ruined every Fast and Furious movie for me.

What do YOU think?  I would love to hear your opinion on this.


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