One little pill a day.  A life saver.  A life changer.  A miracle drug.  A nightmare.

All of the above.  I’ve been on Pred off and on for 30 years due to my Crohn’s Disease.  When you need it, it can literally save your life, for a variety of ailments.

The side effects?  Suck.  Big time.  Insomnia.  Big time.  Hunger.  Big time.  Weight gain.  Big time.  Moon face.  Big time.  Mood changes.  Big time.  Sweating.  Big time.


Everything I need, right?  Like I don’t have all those issues anyway, lol.  But sometimes you just have to suck it up and be a little crazy in order to straighten your immune system or inflammatory problems out.  I’m not going to take it much longer though.  Not good to suppress your immune system if you have long term hip infection issues like I do.  This is strictly short term, thank goodness.

I am severely sleep deprived!  And more than the usual crazy!


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