Self Shaming


Do you ever make a bonehead move and shame yourself?  I do.  All the time.

Just yesterday I was at a stoplight, and I turned right on red, when there was left lane turners going through.  I caught myself in time, and then apologized to the other drivers with the universal sign of shrugging my shoulders and putting my hands out while shame smiling.

Yes.  Shame smiling.  The universal sign for I’m an idiot!  Smiling with lips tight together and kind of goofy grimace, to show what a dufus we are at times.

Sometimes we are just on auto pilot and not paying attention to what we are doing, like we should.  I think a lot of accidents are caused this way.  That, and TEXTING WHILE DRIVING!  I can tell you EXACTLY what drivers are texting as I drive behind them, as they are weaving on down the road.  Sometimes I beep my horn at them to get their attention.  They look at me in their rear view and give me the universal sign for “what?”  With wide eyes and hands out.  I then will waving my cell phone at them and give them the universal sign for no texting.  The tsk tsk motion.  Then the driver will typically give me the universal sign for F*&$* You!  You know, the middle finger salute.  I usually then wave gaily at them.  The universal sign for whatever, have a nice day!

I think I’m going to try and concentrate more on what task I’m currently doing, so I don’t have to tsk tsk myself.  Otherwise I’m going to have to post pictures, like the dog shaming ones.  In fact, I did post one of cat shaming, for my Ozzy and Izzy, last year.

Shame on ME!  lol


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