Guns….to have or have not


No guns allowed.  That’s right.  No. guns. allowed.

These signs are posted everywhere now, it seems, especially since the passing of the concealed carry law here in Illinois.  Every gun crazy person is now sporting a gun hidden in a pocket of their new expensive “conceal” clothing.  A whole new market has opened up.








There are whole clothing lines, from lingerie to outerwear, just for gun toting.



The whole subject of guns is a hotbed of controversy.  I myself would prefer that guns were not hidden.  You got a gun, show it, so we know you are a big shot and “armed and dangerous”.  Don’t stick it in your underwear and accidently shoot your frank and beans off.

Speaking of which, there are a significant number of gun fanatics I know that suffer from small penis syndrome.  You know the type.  Mucho macho hard talking show off gun toters.  They can’t WAIT to be a vigilante and save people from a possible criminal.  They’ll shoot at the first sign of trouble.

But guess what?  You can’t bring your gun anywhere anymore.  The signs are up.  No guns allowed, in church, school, bars, restaurants, hotels, casinos, grocery stores, retail stores… hey Mr. Macho, where ya gonna carry that gun?  Most likely you’ll have to leave it in the car.

Which leads me to an interesting story.  I was seeing a guy who had a huge case of small penis syndrome.  The first time he came to visit me I did not know he was a gun fanatic.  The next morning I looked outside and saw that he had left his car door open overnight.  He ran out like a flash, and was relieved to find that his GUN was still in the backseat.  I was livid.  My brother’s kids live yards away from my house, and what if they found the gun?  That’s what happens.  Kids find guns, and then kids die.  Anyway, I told him I did not want to be around guns but he continued to bring them (yes, multiple ones) and carry them into places even if they had a sign.  He was totally belligerent about the whole thing, and was one of the final nails in his coffin when I broke up with him.

And the whole Bambi thing.  Hunting.  How can you look a wild, free, beautiful animal in the eye and then shoot and kill it?  I just don’t get it.  My ex-boss shot a deer across the street in the woods, and then proceeded to hack it up in front of the office windows.  All. day. long.  I hope one day a deer will attack him, like in those crazy videos.  He deserves it.  And much worse.  So, let’s move along.

I am not TOTALLY against guns.  They have their place.  I myself have a FOID card, and like to go to the shooting range.  If I ever NEED to shoot, I want to know how.  When the Zombie virus hits, I want to use a gun, not a knife or sword and get their blood and guts all over me.  Unless I can be badass, like Michonne.

In the meantime though, I am not going to carry around my gun, looking for trouble. (George Zimmerman anyone?)  Most people I ask about why they carry guns say they would rather have it if they need it, then not have it and be sorry or dead.  And that if you pass a law and take away all the guns, the only guys that will have one will be the criminals.  Probably true somewhat.  But the stats show that most gun ownership results in higher gun-related accidents, homicide and suicide rates in the home.  I’m sure the NRA would dispute these stats.  But anyway.

It is a Catch-22 indeed.  What are your thoughts on gun?



9 thoughts on “Guns….to have or have not

  1. We own 6 guns. 1 pistol on display (antique), 2 pistols for target practice (his and hers that we keep close. 3 rifles (also for target practice). Concealed weapons are OK with me although I don’t have a license to carry. I do respect our guns but will use them if needed. PS I don’t have a penis!

    • More and more women have guns, and actually I would prefer a woman to have one than a man, they have more sense. And trust me, if someone was threatening my life, and I had a gun in my hand, I would probably use it.

  2. I think it is narrow-minded to think that everyone who has a gun for self defense has “small penis syndrome” or thinks they are “macho”. I have a concealed carry permit and carry often. I am not looking to be a vigilante. We live in a screwed up world where people do screwed up things. If some nut comes into my place of employment and starts shooting, I don’t want to be trying to defend myself by throwing a stapler at him.

    • I almost forgot. On the subject of open carry…that puts you at a tactical disadvantage. Someone who knows about firearms would know that.

    • Yep, understand, that’s why I said SOME people, not ALL people. I know both kinds. I’m afraid of the macho kind. They cause more trouble than help. so you are allowed to conceal carry in your place of employment? Many companies don’t allow that. But if a nut comes in, they have done scenarios where people try to shoot the nut, and most times end up shooting other people. It’s all about reaction time, and loading time, and all kinds of things. But I do agree a stapler is not going to work!

      • To clarify your question…I assume you meant “so it doesn’t deter a criminal when they see someone carrying a gun?”. Sure…it might. But, as I stated above, it puts you at a tactical disadvantage. YOU know you are armed…the criminal does not. Also, it puts you at risk of someone trying to come up behind you and disarm you. A scenario is someone who comes up to you and pulls a knife. He does not know you are carrying. Your first reaction should be to start backing up, start drawing your weapon and put the other arm straight out to keep him at arm’s length. Now…if he knows you are armed, he just comes up behind you and stabs you in the neck. You were at a tactical disadvantage. It’s like playing poker with your cards turned toward the other player. As far as my carrying at work…my boss carries as do several other people. That’s in an office of just over 30 people.

      • David, thanks for clarifying. I can see both ways. There are, however, a lot of legal liabilities to consider when carrying a gun. Just pointing a gun at someone can constitute a felony assault with a deadly weapon. Police have trouble justifying shooting a person, just think of a citizen trying to justify their actions, warranted or not.

  3. Yes there certainly are many legal liabilities and responsibilities. And a very good book on the subject is called In the Gravest Extreme by Massad Ayoob. He is a former police officer, expert witness and Director of the Lethal Force Institute. There are many things to consider such as disparity of force. That means I can’t shoot you for punching me. The basic accepted situation is when the shooter is in REASONABLE fear of death or serious bodily injury. Also, if a conflict has ended and the aggressor leaves…you do not chase them down. If something happens and you end up having to shoot them, it can be argued that the situation ended when the person left but, by chasing after them, YOU became the aggressor.

    Not everyone carries a gun without knowing the legalities and ramifications. Gun haters would have you believe that, but it is not true.

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