Dear Good People of America,


Are we actually “entertaining” the thought of making this man President?  Ladies and Gentlemen, the President of the United States, DONALD TRUMP!

He was center of controversy last night again, in the first Republican debate.  He came out with all guns blazing.  His latest enemy is now Megan Kelly, the Fox News Moderator who asked him the tough questions and called him on some remarks he has made.  Which he has conveniently forgotten, and is going to look them up, btw.  He calls his running mates “contestants”. like the Presidential race is a reality game show.  He was up until 4 a.m. this morning with his twitter wars.


Is this the man we want to represent us to other countries?  Can you imagine him at a State dinner, berating the staff and offending visiting dignitaries?  “Hey your wife is a fat pig, reminds me of Rosie O’Donnell, I don’t think we want to do business with your country”.  Or “Is your wife so ugly she has to wear a veil and a sack at all times to keep from scaring people?”

While I think he DOES have a few valid points about how to change this country for the better, he is a narcissist, a bully, and a boor.  He needs to show compassion, level-headedness, and intelligence, all of which I’m afraid he is seriously lacking.  He is like a bull in a china shop in places where tip toeing through the tulips may be better.  And sometimes discretion really is the better part of valor.

Not with Donald though.  He says it like it is.  Fine and dandy for a reality TV show that makes money by entertaining the audience, but not necessarily an admirable trait in politics.

I won’t go into all the details on what the Golden Child said.  I will leave that for your own viewing pleasure, if you haven’t watched the debate yet.  You are in for a great time at The Donald Trump Show!




2 thoughts on “Dear Good People of America,

    • Helen, on my Facebook page I have had a lot of responders that seem to really LIKE Trump for President, and they are women! I just think he needs to button his lip sometimes. He and his campaign are doing damage control right now, but that doesn’t work when you are President and insult another country!

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