Oh Joe. We hardly knew ya. But the hits just keep on coming.


This is an update to my original post done on Wednesday, when the news of Joe’s suicide first broke.  Many people, including myself, were incredulous, and didn’t want to believe the worst.  We held out hope that it really was a setup, a cover up.  Now, I’m not so sure.  More and more information is pouring out of this investigation.

His wife and son are now implicated and under criminal investigation.

Wait, what?  His loving, grieving wife and son?

Joe was put on probation for 30 days some years ago for alleged sexual harassment of an officer. Turns out she was his mistress.

Wait, what?  A mistress?

He wouldn’t leave his wife for her, so he arranged something else.  His son may now go under military investigation for a sham marriage with Joe’s mistress in order to get better benefits.

Wait, what?  A sham marriage?

Joe’s desk contained packets of cocaine.  It is speculated he was going to plant it on the Administrator.  A text message also said he hoped she got a DUI.  He supposedly also tried to arrange a hit on her with a gang member.

Wait, what?  A hit?

There were reports that his wife was taken to court twice in regards to unpaid credit card bills.  There were pictures of his wife with him in Hawaii on a very expensive vacation.

Wait, what?  Money troubles?

There is a lot more out there, more and more keeps getting reported.  I am not sure what is absolutely 100% the truth.  I hope many of these allegations are not true.  But it seems that the tasks force had all their ducks in a row before reporting their findings.  The evidence is overwhelming.

This reminds me so much of the Bill Cosby issue.  When women first started reporting the sexual abuse, there were MANY non-believers.  More and more women have come forth.  More and more evidence has come to light.  Is he guilty?  Well, I always say, “If it looks like a duck, and walks like a duck, it’s a duck”   I just have a gut feeling he is guilty.

Same here, in this situation.  I did not personally know Joe.  But I was caught up in the love and adulation when he was first killed.  He “appeared” to be everything people wanted him to be.  A true hero, gunned down in the line of duty.  A grieving wife and children.  A whole county, state, heck a whole country giving him a final farewell worthy of a king.  I have never seen such a funeral.  It happened at a time when the whole country felt the police were under attack.  So many factors were in place for the country to let all their emotions be expressed for G.I. Joe.  He ended up being the recipient of all that.  We all came together in solidarity.  I haven’t seen anything like it since 911.

There were many beautiful stories posted Wednesday about just showing love to the family, never mind all the negativity, think positive etc.  They were very heart warming, and I kind of felt guilty for thinking maybe he WAS guilty.   I personally think that maybe he did a few things, and then it just snowballed, and he and whoever was involved just couldn’t stop it.  One lie leads to another, and another.  It’s hard to keep something like this under control.  I think maybe Joe did a lot of good things in his life, but this will overshadow it all.  I think Joe loved all the adulation he got from being a cop, a vet, G.I.Joe.  He loved the power that came with it all.  He looked like a military hard ass, who had a heart of gold, and loved his wife and family.

But here’s the kicker.  If his wife and son stood up there the whole time, accepting all the well wishes, the grief of so many, the fear of so many thinking killers were on the loose, the dedication of hundreds of police officers searching to the point of exhaustion and dehydration in the hot sun….if they were indeed guilty….then shame on them.  All the benefits, poker runs, funds given to them to help them with the loss of their husband/father…how could they take it?  How could they let this sham continue?

Shame on them.  Shame on him.  He took the easy way out.  He left his family behind to pick up the pieces.  To be disgraced.  To possibly go to jail.  This paints the whole extended family with the broad brush of a scandal.  Many innocent people will suffer because of this.

I HOPE, I PRAY, that much of this is not true.  My gut feeling says it is. (The old duck theory).  Many people out there will continue not to believe the worst.  Many people who knew them personally say this could never have happened.  I hope they are right.  But if they are, that means that so many levels of law enforcement, from Fox Lake on up, are totally corrupt.  It’s possible.  Maybe Joe was a scapegoat.  Maybe Joe was killed to cover up their own misdeeds.  Maybe, maybe.  Conspiracy theories abound.  I hope there are a lot of guilty people out there shitting in their pants, waiting for the other shoe to drop, whether they are law enforcement or not.  Cause this is no longer just about Joe.  There are more people involved.  This may just be the tip of the iceberg.


Here is my original post….

This is Lt. Joe Gliniewicz.  G.I. Joe.  When he died, the world around Fox Lake, Il came to a halt.  There was a massive manhunt.  An honor funeral, for a man who was a vet, a long time police officer, a loving husband and father.  His funeral was unlike anything I had every seen.  The procession lasted for miles, and many hours.  It was filled with police officers from every state.  It was a hero’s tribute.  People stood in line for hours in a hot gym.  They lined the streets for hours on end in the hot sun.  The community came together like nothing I have ever seen.  We were national news.  Blue lives matter.  Joe quickly became the poster boy for recent police shootings.

Joe2The investigation continued.  Information was not forthcoming.  Press conferences told us very little.  Something fishy was surely going on.  Speculation was running rampant.  Many theories, including my own, pointed back to the Fox Lake Police Chief investigation.  Many people though he was set up.  It certainly seemed plausible.

Time ticked on, with nothing new.  His wife went on TV and swore he would never commit suicide.  His son did too.  They seemed like the perfect family.

But.  Always a but.  So many clichés I could use.  But today, our vision of G.I. Joe was shattered.  The evidence is overwhelming.  The worst scenario did indeed happen.

G. I. Joe went from Hero to Zero.

Apparently Lt. Joe committed suicide.  Lt. Joe stole money from his own Explorer’s program.  Lt. Joe was on Adult websites.  Lt. Joe was basically a dirty cop, and the net was tightening around him.  He planned an elaborate homicide scheme to throw them off the trail.  To save his family from the suicide stigma, that will forever now be attached to his name  To save his pension benefits for his wife.  The wife that stated on national TV that her husband would have never committed suicide.  Did she know about the money?   I don’t know.  I hope not.

I believe that Joe was human  .I believe that Joe tried to save his family.  I believe that Joe might have only done this because the noose was tightening and he didn’t to go to jail and shame his family.

Joe was a good cop.  Even though his suicide was “carefully staged”, I think Joe panicked and ran out of time.  Joe would have known that deleted emails and text messages mean nothing.  Joe would have known that any deep investigation into his death would have brought up all the dirt.  Joe was probably hoping for a quick homicide verdict on his death, and that would be it.

Nope.  No, Joe.  Too many other people involved.  Too many good cops/investigators left.  Too many clues left.  We all leave behind a huge digital footprint, which can be traced and analyzed.

I’m sorry Joe.  I’m really sorry.  I’m really sorry for your family.  I’m sorry that they will have this stigma, these labels, attached to the family name forever.  Your acts will forever define your family.

I hope and pray that all these investigators are wrong.  I hope and pray that all this evidence against you was a set up.  I hope and pray that ALL these thoughts and prayers surrounding your death for months now weren’t all for naught.  I hope and pray your family didn’t know.  I hope and pray they can move on.  I hope and pray for your soul.

That’s about all anybody can do.

How do you say goodbye?


Deep breath.  Another deep breath.

It has happened again, on the heels of another recent deep loss.  One of my dearest friends is gone.  My friend who has always been there for me.  And now he is gone.  We didn’t even have time to say goodbye.  Things like this are never planned.

I am SO grateful that I saw him a week ago Friday.  I am SO grateful that I got to hug him and tell him I loved him, like I did every time I saw him.

I feel like I knew him forever.  I kind of did.  I knew him my whole adult life.  We met at work, we made life long mutual friends.  That was THIRTY YEARS ago.

We did have periods where we lost touch here and there for a few years.  But we always stayed connected and picked up right where we left off.  I remember him coming to visit and go boating with me and my family many times.  My family, neighbors, friends…all loved him.  He was always so friendly, so happy, so funny.

He got me through both my divorces.  He saved my life, literally.  He was always there for me.  He would comfort me and be my friend, when I needed a friend the most.  He helped me, he was just THERE.  Sometimes you just need someone you know you can count on, who will always be there for you.  Jack was that guy.

And probably not for just me.  Jack was the kind of person who would do anything for all his friends.  One phone call was all it took.

I can’t even count the number of friends Jack had.  Life long friends, from school, work, neighbors….heck, everywhere he went, he made a friend.  He always had a story, a joke.  (I think I could recite most of them, word for word!)

Jack married later in life.  His beautiful, sweet, lovely wife remodeled the house, taught him how to love a fur child, cooked gourmet dinners for him and their friends, and added a woman’s touch to his bachelor ways.  But she knew him and loved him enough to know that there no remodeling him, like so many wives try to do, lol.  He still went to all his beloved Notre Dame football games, and she continued with all her passions and hobbies.  I remember being in awe of her when I first met her.  She sailed, and did the Mackinac races!  What an adventurer!  She added class and culture to the mix, lol.  Jack was a beer guy, she was a wine gal.  My heart goes out to her.  She deserved more time with him.  We all did.

I loved Jack.  I loved him with my whole heart and soul.  He was my buddy.  I will have a huge hole in my heart.  But I know I will see him again.  We will have an eternity to catch up.

P.S.  I just had to go back and keep corrected sentences to make them past tense and not present tense.  That makes it so real.  I can’t believe I will never see him again and hear the same old jokes again.  But I am comforted by the fact that he has entered eternal happiness.  Maybe he will even learn some new jokes.