The Dreaded Sunday Night


It’s Sunday night.  The night before school.  The night before work.  Many will not sleep well tonight because of this.

I truly used to hate Sunday nights.  It signaled the end of the weekend, and the start of the work week.  For me, that sometimes meant grueling work weeks of 12+ hour days in addition to going to grad school at night.  That meant having my shit together for the upcoming week.  Little things like clean clothes, meals prepped, house cleaned, massive amounts of homework done.

Also, in the initial years of my working life, my husband traveled a lot, and so I went it solo.  Then I was diagnosed with a pretty serious incurable disease, which still causes me grief and requires bi-monthly infusions whether I want to or not.  Took a lot of joy away from my life, took a lot of my hair.

So.  Sometimes the weekends WEREN’T so fun after all. But there were also many years of lake life fun, boating and grilling and drinking etc. with family and friends.  Which sometimes made Mondays harder, lol.


There were many times when I looked forward to work.  An interesting project awaiting perhaps.  Friends to catch up with.  Walks at lunch time.  TEAM WORK, mostly.  I loved how we all came together to get the job done, no matter what the time of day or night was.  Or going to school to substitute teach, especially Special Ed.  Loved it so much!

There were many times where I dreaded work.  Having an asshole boss.  Having asshole co-workers.  Negative attitudes.  Hostile work environments.  Having to take antidepressants, just to get through the days.  Crying all night.  Having to get up and go to work again with swollen shut eyes.

Then, along come the elder years, complete with Osteoarthritis and Fibromyalgia (which I would never wish on my worst enemy.  Ok maybe one or two).

But, there is always light at the end of the tunnel.  RETIREMENT!  I moved to a wonderful place, have made wonderful friends, and now have a wonderful life.  People say I am reverse aging and I must agree.  In fact, I enjoy Sunday nights now.  It is peaceful here in The Glade.  No rush hour to worry about if you want to go shopping in the morning.  If your Fibro is flaring, just stay in bed.  No need to make it worse by having to get up and go at the crack of dawn.  Just life going on, in the best way possible way.

Enjoy your Sunday nights.  They can be wonderful.


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